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11 Corporate Gift Ideas To Make Them Remember You

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Looking for perfect corporate gift ideas that will make you stand out? We’ve got you covered! When it comes to gift-giving, it’s important to find the right balance between thoughtfulness and functionality. We’ve rounded up cool corporate gift ideas that your clients and team will surely love and remember you for. Replace those generic food baskets with these creative and memorable corporate gift ideas!

Corporate Gift Ideas That Your Clients Will Love

Corporate Gift Ideas #1: Make a Practical Choice

With so many choices in the market, choose something practical that they’ll actually want to use. The thoughtfulness of your gift is what will ultimately make it stand out. UncommonGoods provides everyday items presented in a unique way. They feature products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. UncommonGoods also teams up with independent makers and maintains a sustainable business.

The best corporate gift items are the ones that the recipients can actually use. Functional items that also look good even on display will earn you brownie points!

Corporate Gift Ideas #2: Add a Little Fun

Want to break the ice with a new client? Or perhaps giving gifts to people whom you know so well they’re more like friends or family? Check out the witty and fun products from Knock Knock!

They sell stationery items with such humorous captions that even the most serious colleague won’t be able to resist laughing. A clever in-house team creates the wittiness behind the Knock Knock items. They aim to bring their own brand of creativity, smarts, and humor through each of their products.

After all, what better way to hit it off with someone than to share good humor with them?

Corporate Gift Ideas #3: Keep it Professional

Keep It Professional | Corporate Gift Ideas To Make Them Remember You | luxury corporate gift ideas

If you want to maintain your position as your clients’ top-of-mind choice, you’ll never go wrong with professionalism. Raouche Trading Company has functional and personalized products that your recipients will surely appreciate.

At Raouche Trading Company, we also have a dedicated customer service that won’t hesitate to go the extra mile for you.

What makes our products even better is that you can customize them with your company’s logo so every time your recipients use these essentials, they’ll have you to remember and thank.

Giving a promotional, but practical gift item is one of the best corporate gift ideas that will put you a cut above the rest.

Corporate Gift Ideas #4: Offer a Helping Hand

Your clients may spend a lot of their hours working, leaving them little time to run their own errands. Offer them a helping hand by signing them up with Zoom Errands. They offer expert services on a variety of tasks that most people prefer to simply delegate.

It’s easy to make your client’s day more efficient and productive with Zoom Errands’ simple steps. They offer package deals you can easily purchase for your clients.

No need to worry as Zoom Errands puts customer safety and trust as their top priorities. So you can be assured of their commitment to providing the excellent service your clients deserve.

Corporate Gift Ideas #5: Give a Good Night’s Sleep

Give your clients a peaceful slumber with comfortable sleepwear from BedHead Pajamas. They offer a variety of collections that men, women, kids, and even dogs would love to wear.

You can also purchase BedHead Pajamas Gift Cards from their website. They are redeemable online, over the phone, or at the retail store. Aside from ensuring a comfortable slumber, Bedhead Pajamas also guarantees customer satisfaction. They can exchange and refund purchases, hassle-free.

Corporate Gift Ideas #6: Encourage Relaxation

When stress levels go high at work, everyone wants to jump at an opportunity to relax. What better way to do that than to meditate and unwind?

MeditationFinder makes it easier to find a hideaway for relaxation. With its large directory of meditation sites, you’re bound to find one that’s convenient for your client. You can also discover yoga places through their affiliate, YogiSpot. Note, though, that you will still need to make calls to get a reservation or subscription.

A dedicated time for relaxation may be a luxury that your clients don’t often enjoy. Let them know you also value their wellness through this thoughtful gift.

Corporate Gift Ideas #7: Empowerment

Empowerment | Corporate Gift Ideas To Make Them Remember You | cool corporate gift ideas

Everyone needs an outlet for pent-up energy and stress — even your clients. Why not sign them up for an empowering exercise program that lets them release their frustrations from work? Box + Flow® provides 55-minute workouts incorporating fight and flow.

The workout includes shadowboxing and mat exercises. Your clients won’t be afraid to let go as they move to the beat of the music. There are several group classes to choose from. The membership fee even includes gloves, mats, and towels.

If your company promotes health and wellness, you can also add this to your list of corporate gifts for employees. You can use it as an incentive, or simply to show your appreciation for their dedication.

Corporate Gift Ideas #8: Make Your Way To Hearts — Through Food

There’s no denying that good food brings everyone together. Going out for snack runs also gives employees an opportunity to take a moment of rest, but when they make these quick runs, they decrease their daily productivity as well.

Save the day by sending them a gift box from SnackNation! You can choose from several gift box options that everyone in the office can enjoy. Plus, you won’t be guilty of giving them junk food because SnackNation provides healthy snacks. They have a variety of choices, and each gift box is customized according to the recipient’s preferences.

When your clients enjoy these yummy treats, they’ll be sure to thank you!

Corporate Gift Ideas #9: A Comfortable Travel Experience

A Comfortable Travel Experience | Corporate Gift Ideas To Make Them Remember You | corporate gifts for employees

For jet-setter clients, an airline lounge membership is one of the luxury corporate gift ideas you can consider. With a premium pass to airport lounges across different countries, you can give the gift of a comfortable flying experience.

You can buy airline lounge memberships through Priority Pass™ and Lounge Club™. They have partner lounges across the world that are available for their members. Clients can stay here regardless of the airline or travel class they are flying.

Sure, this may be one of the more upscale client gifts, but it will be worth it when your clients remember you every time they have a comfortable flying experience.

Corporate Gift Ideas #10: A Much-needed Vacation

You may be wondering, what kind of vacation can I possibly afford to gift a client or my employees? Look no further — a nature trip is your answer!

Give them the much-needed vacation they deserve with a camping trip from Backroads. They offer deluxe camping trips with enjoyable activities. If you’re feeling generous, you can even send them to destinations they’ve never been to before.

TrekAmerica also offers great savings for group adventures. You can choose from various tours all around America and in neighboring countries.

A company trip is a great way for employees to bond and experience new cultures together. It’s an amazing reward for all the hard work each team member puts in to achieve those sales targets!

Corporate Gift Ideas #11: Provide An Escape

Think your clients and employees need a little escape from the mundane? Schedule a fun trip at an escape room game!

To win, players must solve puzzles and escape the room before the time runs out. There are different attractions to choose from where you can simulate fictional situations. This hands-on and interactive experience puts the fun in team problem-solving.

You can book a game for your clients or your own team through The Escape Room USA and America’s Escape Game. They cater to corporate events like team building, and even serve food for waiting players.

If you’re looking for unique client gift ideas, this is something you shouldn’t pass.

Each one of these out-of-the-box corporate gift ideas will surely make you stand out. But if you want to maintain a top-of-mind awareness for your brand, go for Raouche Trading Company. Here, you can purchase personal and office essentials that are perfect client gifts. So every time your partners use your gift, they also won’t fail to remember you.