9 Printed T Shirts Promotion Ideas For Your Business

9 Printed T Shirts Promotion Ideas For Your Business

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Unique printed t shirts might just be what you need to take your marketing initiatives to the next level, and boost your brand to new heights!

How Printed T Shirts Can Help Promote Your Business

1. As Clothing Sponsors at a Local Event

It may be a bake sale, cook-off, marathon or mini concert—take this opportunity to give your participants printed t shirts. While you’re at it, you can also give away business cards and brochures to further boost your brand.

Sponsoring an event gets you recognised every single time, with people associating your business with fun and engaging activities. You can get your employees to wear your shirts around the venue, increasing the likelihood of attendees doing the same.

While you might need to stretch your budget a bit, the cost per impression is worth every penny. Creating an image of success allows your potential clients to believe that your company can deliver what it promises.

2. As Promotional Samples to New Customers

Everybody likes freebies, especially when they aren’t expected. This is why it’s great to reward new customers with printed t-shirts after they make their first purchase.

If you’re a brick-and-mortar business, you can distribute your shirts to passersby to entice them to come inside your store. If you’re an e-commerce business, you can give them as tokens to all those who place their first orders on your website.

Such an unexpected gesture not only sends a message of appreciation but also builds a new relationship. For an inexpensive promotional item, you instantly position yourself in your customer’s mind and create a positive image for your organisation.

Brick-and-mortar Definition: A business that operates conventionally out of a physical store rather than online.

3. As Contest Prizes

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T-shirts make great contest prizes.

Another promotional idea for your business is to include your customers in your plan. Encourage them to participate in an online contest, with printed t-shirts as an additional prize for the winners. For instance, you can have contestants post a photo of themselves using your products, shopping inside your store, or wearing your shirt. You can also give the first 100 people who come to your store a shirt, along with discount coupons.

Regardless of how they compete for the prize, you get your brand and message out there.

4. As Giveaways at Client Meetings

Take the pressure off sales pitches and project proposals by giving out custom printed t-shirts to clients during meetings. Doing so allows them to recognise the value of your services and as well as develop a sense of trust for your organisation.

Even if you do not win them over with your pitch, you start a relationship with them that could lead to a partnership in the long run. With a simple token of appreciation, you set yourself apart from your competition.

5. As a Token to Old Customers

Avoid permanently losing inactive clients by letting them know you still remember them and value your relationship. Even if they are no longer regular customers, they will appreciate a gift that’s unexpected.

This can boost your response rate and even motivate them to reconnect with your business. Even if they have found better deals from your competitors, a simple reminder that you’re still around can go a long way.

Mail your customers custom t-shirts, including a catalogue or discount coupons, to encourage them to purchase a product from you again. You may also include a flyer with your upcoming deals to get them to start buying once more.

6. As a Freebie at Charitable Events

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T-shirts as freebies at charitable events help potential customers associate your name with a cause they believe in.

People love supporting a worthy cause, so what better way to get your brand out there than by hosting a charitable event. It’s a great way to promote your business, encourage your employees to work together, and give away printed t-shirts as a thank you for audience participation.

There are many types of events you can do: a golf tournament, movie night at the local theatre, auctions, and much more. Regardless of the fundraiser you choose, it’s great PR and exposure for your organisation.

Plus, you get to give back to the community!

7. As Part of Your Street Marketing Campaign

One way to connect with potential customers is by running a street marketing campaign. This is because there are endless possibilities when you actually go out there to promote your brand.

For instance, you can dress your employees in your best custom t-shirts and have them hand out free shirts to passersby. It’s a smart way to meet new people who could actually be your next regular shopper.

You can also distribute other items, like flyers and discounts, along with your tees to gain more brand recognition. Have your team interact with the public to get them psyched about the products and services you offer.

8. As Part of Your Customer Service

Sometimes, even the best customer service gets complaints. Bad experiences can’t be avoided, so what better way to apologise to unhappy clients than with printed t-shirts.

It’s not only a way of making amends, but also a reassurance that you will resolve their issue.

You can also give away tees to those who fill out a survey or customer feedback. Not everyone takes the time to complete these things, so why not encourage people with a freebie in exchange for their valuable information?

9. As an Employee Uniform

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Custom t-shirts work very well as part of your employees’ uniforms.

While relaxed workwear is common nowadays, dressing your team in custom clothing creates a more professional image. Marketing through uniform is a great way to increase brand awareness, especially when you’re a startup or small business.

Wearing personalised clothing is also a great way to make an impression on clients when you are face to face with them. Plus, when worn outside the workplace, it taps a wider audience and increases representation.

When you invest in printed t shirts, you not only build your corporate image, but also make your staff presentable to both the management and public. You get to transform your people into walking billboards and advertisements.

It’s also been proven as a great way to built rapport in your team. Your staff will work better together when outfitted in your cute custom t shirts.

Giving out printed t-shirts is a great way to ensure your brand is visible to a wide audience. This simple gesture not only promotes your business but also boosts brand awareness. Use these simple marketing strategies to attract new clients and retain the old.

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