Millennial Marketing | A Nostalgia-Based Promotion

How To Use Nostalgia To Woo The 90s Generation

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Millennial marketing is a priority for most businesses nowadays because millennials are touted as the top consumers and big spenders in the global market. This fact is a call for companies to get creative with their strategies. One tactic that can successfully woo this generation is nostalgia marketing. To know more about nostalgia and millennial marketing, read on!

Millennial Marketing | A Nostalgia-Based Promotion

The “Good Old Days” Marketing

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A nostalgia-based promotion is best explained in three words — good old days. It’s an approach that uses elements from the past, so the audience can relive them and be reminded of happier times.

Need examples? There’s actually a lot to mention. Who could forget hit 90s boy bands like NSYNC, Westlife, Boyz II Men, 98 Degrees, and many more? How about the famed Macarena dance, crop tops, overalls, Tamagotchi, gel and milky pens, pogs, and Disney film classics?

These oldies but goodies will surely give 90s audiences a nostalgic feeling. And, once they have felt a little bit of that nostalgic connection, the chances of engaging and motivating them to take action increase.

As a matter of fact, several brands have incorporated nostalgia into their advertising, with Coca-Cola leading the pack. The beverage company has presented its name as a prodigy for nostalgia marketing.

In its 2014 promotional campaign, they brought back Surge, a citrus-flavored soft drink first produced in the 1990s. To the brand’s surprise, three fans got together to create a petition demanding the beverage to be re-introduced in stores.

Still not fully convinced? Let’s now talk about the psychology of nostalgia!

The Psychology of Nostalgia

In the Journal of Consumer Research (October 2014 issue), researchers conducted multiple experiments to test if “nostalgia-evoked social connectedness” would affect the way people want to spend.

The research team surveyed two groups. They asked the first group to recall, reflect, and write about a nostalgic past memory. And, the latter cluster was asked to think about new or future memories.

And the result? The respondents who recalled, reflected, or wrote about a past memory show more willingness to pay for products.

In addition, psychologist Constantine Sedikides said that nostalgia acts as a powerful stimulant to feel optimistic about the future. “Nostalgia may act as a resource that we can draw on to connect with other people and events so that we can move forward with less fear and greater purpose,” he added.

See, you shouldn’t doubt about integrating nostalgia into your marketing. The fact that the 90s are making a comeback means you must take advantage of them. Plus, take note that the millennials grew up in the 1990s.

So, what are you waiting for? Embrace nostalgia marketing to capture the interest of the millennials!

6 Nostalgia-Themed Promotions You Can Try

We’ve rounded up some nostalgia-themed promotions to get you started.

1. Turn the Old into Something New Again

Nothing’s more delightful than seeing an old picture of yourself with your family and friends. The same thing applies to millennial marketing. Customers will feel delighted with a brand that evokes emotions from a past memory and makes it hip again.

Take it from the Pokémon GO application. The Pokémon anime television series first appeared in Japan on April 1, 1997, and then aired in 98 countries worldwide later on.

That’s why when Niantic announced the release of Pokémon GO in 2016, everyone started to go crazy. People all over the world played the location-based augmented reality game to catch all the Pokémon characters.

In fact, some avid players even visited different countries just to catch them all. It seemed like they got hooked on Pokémon’s slogan “Gotta Catch ‘Em All.” We can’t blame them for that since they grew up in the 1990s, and the game brings back the nostalgia of catching Pokémons that millennials would love to recapture.

Simply put, make the old new again and ensure that it fits the digital world.

2. Pair Nostalgia with New Forms of Content

Hearing music from the past—mellow or upbeat—uplifts the millennials 90s spirit. It reminds them of their childhood days and gives them the chills, especially if the song has left them with a memorable experience.

Our point is to go musical with your nostalgia marketing. And, when it comes to tuneful promotions, there’s no better advertising form that can do better than videos.

Utilize this visual content and make sure you pair your nostalgic promotions with the greatest hits of the 90s. Of course, you shouldn’t just pick a song that’s catchy and popular. Choose a song that matches your campaign’s theme and purpose.

There’s actually a long list of songs that will give millennial audiences the throwback feels. For sure, they will love to hear the hits of artists like Britney Spears, Michael Jackson, Spice Girls, Boyzone, Madonna, and Eminem again.

If you have plenty of time, you can even create your own lyrics to the tune of a 90s song.

3. Roll Out the Nostalgia During the Holidays

Roll Out the Nostalgia During the Holidays | Millennial Marketing | How to Use Nostalgia To Woo The 90s Generation | 90s audiences

A lot of people feel nostalgic during the holidays because of two things: family and tradition. They’re in a nostalgia mindset because blissful memories will be reawakened and relationships will be renewed.

Meaning, you shouldn’t think twice about creating promotional campaigns with a nostalgic mood for the holidays. Nostalgic memories trigger cherished life experiences, after all.

Don’t know how? Look into Coca-Cola as a brand inspiration. It’s famed for reinventing nostalgia marketing in its holiday ads. The company looks back on happy childhood memories and makes sure it’s tapped in its campaign ads.

Every Christmas, Coca-Cola tells a story that ignites the audience’s imagination, tickles their sensations, and sends their minds searching for childhood happiness. Imagine that. The company had built their reputation on their killer ad campaigns that remain embedded in everyone’s memories because of its nostalgia factor.

Touch something from the past for your millennial marketing and ensure it’s incorporated into your holiday ad.

4. Add Nostalgia in Your Content Marketing

Adding nostalgia in adverts isn’t enough. It’s also crucial that your content marketing evokes an emotional connection with your specific audience. Doing so will help you take your campaign to the next level.

There is a multitude of ways to incorporate nostalgia into your content. But if you’re in need of new ideas, just keep on reading.

Write content in a fun way to increase engagement and social sharing. Use familiar words that will give millennials throwback feels. Sharing your company’s history on your webpage also makes sense. It’s like giving site visitors a look at your brand’s historic past.

Nostalgia marketing doesn’t only come with a sense of happiness and fun. It also evokes the feeling of longing or affection for the past. To tug at those heartstrings, write a blog that features classic 90s films like TitanicHome Alone, and Lion King, then, mention life lessons people can get from them.

Revive a plethora of nostalgic memories and show them in your web or product content.

5. Host Throwback-Themed Events

Evoking memories and emotions aren’t limited to advertisements and content. It’s also likewise applicable to events. But, we’re not talking about the traditional parties — what we mean here are throwback-themed events and gatherings.

Huddle up your entire team and ask for their party ideas for your nostalgia marketing-themed bash. It’s better if you have one or more millennial members who can impart the stuff that appeals to them.

But if you don’t, leave it to us. When throwing a millennial party, you have to consider three things: clothing, music, and decorations. Ask event goers to dress up in 90s fashion or do celebrity impersonations. Prepare a playlist and choose event decors that complement the bash.

For sure, eventgoers will feel excited about dressing up like the popular artists and anime characters from the 90s. You’ll see a lot of celebrity lookalikes and characters from old school anime series such as PokémonSailor MoonAkazukin Chacha, and Gundam.

Distribute 90s-inspired invitations to bring more excitement to your event.

6. Focus on Simplicity and Quality Before Hype

One of the fascinating things about the 90s is the simple yet addictive games. Remember Pac-Man and Mario Bros? They’re the epitome of simplicity and effectiveness. They’re easy to play and follow: a hero needs to collect stuff and reach a destination.

This is something you should adapt to millennial marketing, especially when doing nostalgia marketing. You should focus on simplicity and quality because they’re the ones that get people excited.

Taking note of this helps you cater to your millennials. Mind you, millennials can easily get distracted. Their short attention span might cause them to tune out if you fail to capture their interest in the first few seconds.

These audiences face a consistent influx of ads and new products. That’s why it’s crucial to have a unique selling point that will allow them to decide within the first five minutes of discovery. Keep your message simple and clear. Employ a simple yet alluring design or color in your packaging or webpage.

At the end of the day, simplicity is the way to make your brand relevant to the 90s generation.

A Blast from the Past

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Interested in millennial marketing? Then, utilize nostalgia marketing! It works as a window into your company’s history and as an invitation to support your products.

When you incorporate trends from the past, you allow the millennial generation to reconnect with the feelings they had when they’re younger.

So, let them relive the joy they had before through nostalgia-based promotions. It’s high time to embrace this sentimental and witty marketing approach!

Turn the old stuff into something new again. Pair nostalgia with new forms of content. Roll out charismatic nostalgia-based promotions during the holidays. Don’t forget about adding nostalgia to your content marketing. Host throwback-themed events. And, focus on simplicity and quality before bringing the hype.

Don’t just leave these ideas in your mind. Put them into action to ensure your business gets positive results.

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