15 Best Executive Gifts That Will Not Blow Your Budget

15 Best Executive Gifts That Will Not Blow Your Budget

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If you’re looking for great executive promotional gifts to give to your customers during Salon International exhibition without breaking the bank, see what we have lined up for you.

Executive Promotional Gifts to Give to Clients

1. Custom Flash Drive

Custom Flash Drive | Best Executive Gifts That Will Not Blow Your Budget

Flash drives make excellent personalized executive promotional gifts because they’re a cost-effective way to advertise your brand. While ubiquitous, they are convenient and portable.

With the world becoming more and more digital, clients need backup storage for important files. USB flash drives can hold several gigabytes of data, making them perfect for both work and personal use.

2. Personalized Pen

This is one of the most widely received gifts for a reason. Pen’s are always used in the workplace for signing documents and writing notes.

What makes personalized pens special, though, is they are great branding tools. They have instant recall and personal connection with the individual using them.

3. Thermal Mugs

There’s always a beverage at hand when one spends hours behind a desk. Thermal mugs make great executive promotional gifts because they keep drinks cool even in the hottest weather.

Whether it’s cold coffee, juice, or even on-the-go breakfast smoothies, this item keeps the beverage’s temperature for hours. There are many sizes and shapes to choose from, and some even come with straws.

4. Travel Gift Set

Corporate Travel Gift Sets are a popular gifting idea because they come in a wide variety and can contain many different items. There are plenty of simple fruit baskets, chocolate selections, and even wine baskets to choose from.

5. Phone Ring

Anything technology-related is always a good business gift. After all, we live in the digital age.

Phone rings are easy to attach and offer a good finger grip. They also double as a phone stand.

6. Personalised Mug

Mugs are common personalised business gifts that never get old. By adding a personal touch to them, you get to highlight your brand and spread your message.

Whether for marketing purposes or simply tokens of appreciation, these make a lasting impact on your customers or employees. This is because mugs are very useful objects, welcome in both the home and office.

7. Journals

Journals are a great way to boost your brand and get your product or service across. Because they are used all year round, your message stays with your client for a long time.

A Journal is an effective tool they can use to organise their schedule.

8. Personalised Bookmarks

Printed custom bookmarks are a great way to improve your marketing and promotion strategies because they keep your brand right in front of the readers. They are effective visuals that can get your message across.

Bookmarks are compact and convenient, and they can be easily be distributed around. Unlike larger items, these are easy to carry around and pass out during conferences, corporate events, and other types of events like Salon International exhibition.

9. Desk Clock

Promotional clocks make nice executive promotional gifts as they stay in front of the user for months (even years). Because everyone is always keeping track of time, what they see is your logo at first glance.

They come in a variety of models you can choose from to suit your taste. You can opt for one that comes with a pen holder or another with a picture frame.

10. Sticky Notes + Business Card Holder

A good sticky notes + business card holder establishes a more polished and professional presence. Having one on the desk or pocket is the most convenient way to make your recipient’s cards readily available to others.

This specialty item also allows your user to keep his or her cards intact and in one place.

11. Swift Fast Wireless Charger Kits

This device gets natural energy from the sun, so your recipient does not need to be near a power outlet. It can be used outdoors because it doesn’t need external electrical sources to recharge the batteries.

Swift Fast Wireless Chargers are easily portable and can be brought to long business trips. They are used to charge smartphones, cameras, and other gadgets.

12. Drink Coaster

Create brand awareness by displaying your logo on a drink coaster. Because it is frequently used in the office and around the house, it is highly effective in communicating your company’s message.

13. Throw Blanket

Throw blankets are one of the good options for executive promotional gifts because they can provide your prospects and customers with the warmth they need with style. This is helpful if your market needs to be on their best business look if they want to face other people in the industry.

These advantages can help create a good impression from your market as they may provide comfort that can aid your clients in focusing on their business goals. You can place a brief message reflecting the event, so people will remember your brand every time think about Salon International exhibition.

Folding umbrellas are also great executive promotional gifts because they help protect your prospects and clients from the rain and the sun. What’s good about them as well is they are designed folded, so your market can easily and quickly keep them.

14. Folding Umbrella

This makes your marketing even more favourable as the umbrellas provided a huge space for your brand name, logo, tag line, and even a brief marketing message about the event. You can have different colours for this that may match the Salon International exhibition.

15. Highlighter Pen

Highlighter pens are not only useful at school, in the office, or at home, but they are also helpful anywhere there is something to write on and highlight. They primarily make people’s lives easier in terms of highlighting important messages, notes, and documents.

You can customise the pens with your brand name, loge, and a short message about the event or your business. You can also produce different types of colours to match everyone’s preference.

This aids in improving brand image and awareness in a unique and simple way.

Branded executive promotional gifts are always an effective strategy for increased recognition and leaving a positive impression. Even the simplest and inexpensive item can be helpful in acquiring new clients and retaining the old. Constant exposure to these items can make it easier for recipients to associate your brand with them.

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