8 Best Promotional Items To Promote Your Brand During Music Festivals

8 Best Promotional Items To Promote Your Brand During Music Festivals

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Music festivals form one of the most saturated event markets in the world, with live performances from artists of various genres enjoyed by a plethora of festival goers. Today, we focus on the best promotional giveaways to market your brand during these special festivities.

Practical Giveaways at Music Festivals to Boost Your Advertising Campaign

1. T-shirts

You can’t go wrong with handing out branded t-shirts at musical festivals, where the majority of goers will surely be drenched in sweat. With hours of jumping and dancing to their favorite musicians, these concert attendees will likely need a change of clothes after the event.

A lot of music fans also enjoy collecting promotional T-shirts that commemorate festivals they’ve attended, so putting your logo on these sure-to-be-cherished shirts is a good way to also be remembered over time.

With your name and logo right under your prospect’s nose, your brand gets to be visible for many to see. These prospects instantly become walking advertisements and brand ambassadors for your organization without them realizing it.

2. Tumblers

Music festivals are known for their adrenaline pumping effects on festival-goers, making them prone to dehydration. Add to this the heat and large crowd in the venue, and what you get is a group of people drained from its much needed drink.

For events like these, branded tumblers or water bottles make excellent giveaways. Not only are they lifesavers, but also affordable communication vehicles to get your brands and message across to new and potential customers.

Each time these bottles are refilled, you create brand awareness. And since these items can also be used at home, work, or the gym, you gain additional impressions.

And, if you’re part of the green movement, you can show your concern for a healthier planet through recyclable tumblers or water tumblers that bear your business name and logo. When you take a stand for the environment, rest assured consumers take notice.

3. Drawstring Bags

First-time goers usually come to music festivals unprepared, with only a shirt on their back, bottle of water in their pocket, and some cash to spend. What they’re not expecting is to bring home a bunch of freebies and goodies, and they have nothing to carry them in.

Why not make one of these giveaways a printed drawstring bag? These won’t break the bank and will definitely help with your branding.

Think about it: with the right color and design, your name will definitely stand out, encouraging a boost in profits. Plus, if your recipients love your bag, they will use it over and over until they become a walking ad for your business.

4. Phone Wallet with Earphones

These promotional items make perfect giveaways at the best festivals because of their usability and cost-effectiveness. From hi-fidelity custom earphones to noise-cancelling headphones, these fit all standard audio devices such as smartphones, laptops, computers, tablets, MP3 players, and stereos.

There’s every color and design for the discerning audiophile. Because these products are compact and portable, they are easy to hand out in bulk, and place in pockets and bags.

Because almost everybody always leaves their house with their devices, earphones are everyday accessories used by young and old alike. This means every time they turn on their music or talk on the phone, your audience is exposed to your branding and message.

5. Wireless Power Banks

Events like a field day festival require a lot of video and picture-taking, using up the battery power of your devices. Sometimes, festival goers fail to bring their power banks with them, which is why these promotional items make excellent giveaways.

These handy gifts are lightweight, so they can easily be placed in the pocket, fanny pack, or purse. You know your recipients will bring these home and won’t throw them away, because one can never have too many power banks in this era of technology.

Looking at the cost, you can be sure a good return on your investment. With multiple USB inputs, they can be used for various gadgets such as smartphones, tablets, laptops, and GPS systems.

6. Auto Open Fashion Umbrellas

Attending outdoor events like festivals in the US require protection from the heat and rain, where showers are expected almost weekly. Why not hand out promotional umbrellas for your next marketing campaign?

Having an umbrella on hand in an open venue is just what a festival-goer needs to fully enjoy the event. It’s a double win — they get shelter and comfort, and you get maximum exposure even from up high, with all the drones and aerial cameras sure to be capturing the event.

With large printable areas, there’s no way anyone would miss seeing your name, logo, and message on these items. You can have a full design imprinted across your product to ensure you get your message across for new prospects to see.

7. Lanyards with pocket notes pad

Just like wristbands, personalized lanyards are mostly used for identification at large-scale events like music festivals. What makes them different from the former is they can also be used for placing tickets and RFID cards that some concessionaires issue to attendees for purchases made.

Post-event, these promotional products remain useful as key and flash drive holders, safety accessories, and fashion items. They are inexpensive to produce, making them great music festival giveaways for keeping your brand on top of mind of your recipients.

8. Bottle Openers with 3 in 1 Charging Cables

Bottle openers make useful and essentials items at events like music festivals because they are often frequented by people who adore music, partying, and celebrations. After all, how else will they pop their bottle tops?

Plus, they’re also used at home, picnics, sporting events, or barbecues where an ice-cold bottle is a must. Instead of using one’s keys or lighters to open a beverage, your recipients will appreciate an opener that will make life way easier.

Music festivals are renowned around the globe for featuring some of the most talented and attention-grabbing acts in the country, or even the world. These community events are sought after by many music enthusiasts, which is why they’re one of the best venues to showcase your brand’s message.

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