9 Advantages Of Branded Clothing For Your Business

9 Advantages Of Branded Clothing For Your Business

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Here are the reasons why branded clothing functions as key promotional product marketing pieces for successful businesses, and why you should invest in them for your own marketing efforts.

How Branded Clothing Will Spell Your Marketing Success

1. Sound Investment for Your Promotional Marketing

Branded and printed clothing offer your promotional marketing a cost-effective option.

When your customers go out to the shops wearing one of your wholesale branded clothing, they’ll be brandishing your company name and logo to tens of passersby they’ll meet on the street. Each set of eyes casting glances on your visual branding makes an impression and counts towards the effectiveness of advertising metrics.

The Advertising Speciality Institute, the biggest promotional product marketing association in the United States, claims that advertisers spend only a tenth of an American cent per impression when they invest in promotional clothing. Marketers with smaller budgets can employ printed clothing to increase the reach of their clients to great effect.

2. Increases the Reach of Your Brand

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You can think of the surface of a shirt as an advertising poster but it beats most out-of-home advertising options since the wearer is walking and meeting crowds of people. In the same ASI promotional product marketing survey, branded clothing garners businesses as many as 6,000 impressions per piece on the average.

Imagine, if you order a hundred promotional T-shirts and distribute them to your loyal customers, your brand will potentially reach 600,000 potential clients. It’s akin to advertising on a full page of a broadsheet at a fraction of the cost.

3. Boosts Your Brand Recall

Some marketers believe it takes around ten meetings and touch points with potential customers to inspire recall. Promotional clothing makes short work of this handshake process since clients will often remember companies who gave them promotional items.

See a person wearing your men’s branded clothing, like a T-shirt or a hoodie, on the street and odds are they know about your company and favours it enough to do business with it in the future.

4. Promotional Clothing Possesses Great Shelf Life

Customers keep promotional items for at least 18 months on the average. When they outgrow the promotional item or custom clothing, they’re likely to give the item away.

When you invest in promotional clothing you’ve just gained an advertising material that’ll show your brand for more than a year. After a year, your client will hand off your branded clothing to someone else, thereby extending the promotional value of your investment for another year.

5. Promotional Clothing Gives Your Customers a Slice of Your Company Culture

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People will do business with companies they know, and promotional merchandise like branded clothing give people a glimpse of what a company is all about. Nice printed clothing flashing your logo and your slogan subtly communicates your values, your industry, and the quality of your products and services.

Take the example of Apple. Apple’s unique design sensibility has marked each of their products and charged each item with its branding.This understated way of showing your company culture through material items can garner your brand some fans.

6. Branded Clothing Allow You to Convert Customers from Competitors

It’s no secret customers switch brands from time to time, but one reason they’d be more willing to move over to your side of the fence will be based on the quality of your promotional giveaway. The better the quality of your promotional clothing, the more customers from other brands will be willing to change to your brand.

Promotional giveaways cue members of your target market about the value of your products and services. When you think along these lines, a well-designed hoodie or piece of branded clothing will position your business in your customers’ minds even before you actually offer them anything.

7. Promo Items Beat Other Marketing Materials in Positive Impressions

There are many forms and branches of marketing and advertising to date, like digital marketing, but promotional products leave all other types of media and channels behind when it comes to leaving positive impressions for brands among customers.

Promotional giveaways channel our universal human appreciation for gifts and gift-giving. Watch your potential customers smile when you give them your branded clothing in beautiful wrapping and they’ll remember your company for a long, long time.

By their very nature, promotional products engage clients more since they have utility and they’re physical items. Clients can’t put Facebook advertisements in a bag and wear them on a cold day.

8. Your Loyal Customers Can Now Share Their Experience of Your Brand

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Loyal customers will share their positive brand experiences to those in their circles.

This kind of word-of-mouth advertising will gain more traction if these customers are actually wearing branded clothing from your company. A printed polo shirt boasting your logo and company mission gives these brand evangelists tangible proof of what’s great about your enterprise and inspire others to do business with you.

9. Your Own Company Branded Clothing Turns Your Employees into Ambassadors

You can actually require your employees to wear your company branded clothing as uniforms. Aside from inspiring esprit de corps and unity among your workers, it transforms them into walking brand ambassadors for your company.

Remember, Steve Jobs’ iconic black turtleneck uniform? Steve Jobs distinguished this piece of clothing and at the same time supercharged the shirt’s designer Issey Miyake’s brand.

People in uniform can carry your company’s name far and foster favor among potential customers in your target market given the right training and mindset and of course, branded clothing.

Lastly, since branded clothing also serves as commodities, they will fulfil an essential function in the day-to-day lives of your clients. Once they wear your promotional clothing to keep themselves warm and decent, your brand will indelibly come to mind from time to time.

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