Pet Accessories For Millennials Parents

Pet Accessories For Millennials Parents

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The use of pet carriers and crates is just one of the awesome ways millennials can show love to their animal buddy. Have you heard or read about the recent news that millennials see their pets as “practice” for the real deal? This interesting fact sounds like a good addition to your marketing strategy. And, when we say strategy, we mean utilizing promo pet accessories. Find out more below!

Cool Pet Carriers and Crates for Pet Parents

How Millennials See Their Pets

You probably know some millennials aged 28-35 who put aside marriage and choose to build their own families much later in life. Their reason for postponing parenthood is they either focus on their careers or are content with their pets.

Yes, the millennial generation now sees their furry friends as a life companion. As a matter of fact, a recent study from Gale, a business solutions agency, found that a whopping 44% of millennials view their pets as “starter children.”

Some of them don’t even just treat them as pets but as kids. They treat their pet dogs or cats as if they’re their babies that need to fed, protected, and loved.

This finding only proves you should also tailor your campaigns in a way that satisfies the love pet owners feel for these furry creatures. When you give pets equal importance as that of a human baby, you’ll definitely warm the hearts of your millennial customers.

Here’s a list of some promo pet accessories that millennial parents will love to receive:

1. Feeding Mat

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Pamper not only your Gen Y audiences but also their friendly buddies. Why not gift them with imprinted feeding mats or placemats? These pet supplies bark your brand name loud and proud while pet owners feed their cute dogs and cats.

They even avoid food spillage and other messes which offer great convenience to owners. No more frequent sweeping and cleaning the floor! The mat itself acts as the first line of defense against the pet’s mischief and assertiveness.

Choose a material that’s durable enough to withstand a pet’s impulsive behavior. Also, don’t forget to imprint your logo on these feeding mats!

2. Dog Tag

Dog Tag | Pet Accessories for Millennials Parents | Pet Carriers and Crates | promotional pet accessories

If there’s one thing pet owners are afraid of, it’s losing sight of their fuzzy pals out of their sight. So, to help millennials in preventing their dogs from getting lost, you can give them custom dog tags. Believe us when we say that doing this offers recipients a different kind of relief.

Such ID tags or dog collars make identification pretty easy. They keep pet parents assured of their pet’s safety whenever it escapes from home and can’t find its way back. Those who come across the lost pet can use these promo pet accessories as a guide to bring the pet back into the owner’s care.

Put your logo on these pet products to market your brand not only to the pet owners but also to those who will rescue lost dogs and help find their owners. A cutesy color and design also help inspire more attention!

3. Pet Carrier

Pet Carrier | Pet Accessories for Millennials Parents | Pet Carriers and Crates | millennials

When pet parents take their dogs and cats for a walk or bring them on road trips, they’ll need pet carriers and crates. They literally see their pets like a kid who needs their full attention. That’s why sending them a logoed pet carrier is a wonderful idea.

This promotional pet item can make the pet’s and their owners’ sweet escape from their hometown extra convenient. It allows recipients to bring along their favorite furry friend safely when traveling. For sure, passersby will also notice that cute furred traveler.

Pick a pet carrier that’s fashionable and of the right size. Remember to imprint your company logo on it so everyone notices your brand, too!

4. Poop Bag

Poop Bag | Pet Accessories for Millennials Parents | Pet Carriers and Crates | large dog crate dimensions

Specialty dog waste bags or poop bags also work as a fantastic gift for millennial pet parents. This niche audience appreciates promo pet accessories such as this poop bag simply because they’re useful! They’ll come in handy whenever their four-legged friends feel like pooping.

Not only that, dog owners will find value in these miniature bag dispensers because of their cute shape. When they bring them outside, nobody will even think there are a bunch of poop bags inside. Users will just need to pick one or two bags after their pups made a mess in the grass or street.

Keep the streets and sidewalks clear with the help of these pet waste bags. Your logo will look good on them, so have it perfectly etched for surefire recognition!

Promotional Items for Millennials and Pets Alike!

Not all millennials are in a hurry to have children because some of them feel content at just having their pet dogs and cats.

This not-so-surprising fact is a call for marketers and an encouragement to employ animal-friendly campaigns. And, when it comes to pulling off a successful promotion for pet lovers and pet alike, everyone can rely on promo pet accessories.

At Raouche Trading Company, we supply a vast selection of imprinted products that are specifically tailored for your target market’s furry mates. We have dog tags, dog collars, a poop bag dispenser, rubber balls, and many more.

For more information about this product selection, visit You may also get in touch with a Raouche Trading Company representative at 1 310 466 9188 to place an order or request a free quote.

These pet carriers and crates can surely attract millennial customers and make your brand known to them. Just choose one, or even all, of the items on our list of promotional pet accessories to market your brand. To make this marketing strategy happen, contact Raouche Trading Company now and let millennials know how amazing your brand is!