Why Promoting With Custom Chocolates Is A Smart Move To Make

Why Promoting With Custom Chocolates Is A Smart Move To Make

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Learn how giving out custom chocolate to clients can help boost your sales and promote your brand.

Custom Chocolate and Why It Works for Your Business

What Is Custom Chocolate?

Custom chocolate is a promotional merchandise and corporate gift businesses give out to advertise their name and gain brand recognition. There’s a wide selection of premium corporate chocolate gifts – from small bars to individual squares in custom-printed wrappers.

Whether you are looking to promote your product or service, or simply say thank you to your loyal customers, a custom chocolate giveaway makes a mark. It’s a sensorial marketing approach that appeals to the taste buds and is an intriguing promotional item for practically any type of business.

Chocolate comes in different shapes, sizes, and designs. You can choose promotional candy products, cookies, pretzels, coins, champagne bottles, or even entire chocolate sets.

You can also opt for engraved chocolate bars or a gift basket customised with your company logo, corporate colours, and other relevant images. Names are printed on the wrapper and even engraved into the chocolate itself.

By branding your chocolate, you deliver a higher level of sophistication than your competitors who are handing out traditional fountain pens and paperweights. Choose from a large variety of options that best represent your company and brand.

Remember, customised chocolates that have been well-crafted and beautifully packaged show your appreciation for your customers. They put you at an advantage because you have selected a premium giveaway that’s sure to be appreciated.

When Is the Best Time to Give out Your Custom Chocolate?

Chocolate box | Why Promoting With Custom Chocolates Is A Smart Move To Make

There is no rule as to when or when not to hand out corporate chocolates to clients and employees, because they work every single time. Since they are appreciation gifts, they can be given during special holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, or Valentine’s Day.

You can give out chocolate business gifts as a present to customers or staff on their birthdays. It’s a unique edible product sure to bring a smile to the recipient’s face.

Think of it this way: instead of sending out greeting cards on these occasions, why not opt for a personalized box of chocolate? It’s sincere, shareable, and (perhaps most importantly), delicious.

Plus, it can even be used as an event giveaway and company incentive! Chocolates are universally loved, making it easy for your customers to associate your brand with positive feelings of gratitude and warmth.

They are also great for letting your employees know you value their hard work. If there are internal promotions or a rewards program, you can let your staff know with a chocolate message.

Where Can I Give out Custom Chocolates?

Because there are many types of promotional items out there, customized chocolates are underrated gifts. This is what makes them an effective marketing tool – they are unique.

Make a favorable impression by giving out branded chocolates at a trade show, business conference, or big corporate event. While all other companies are handing out pens, mugs, and desk clocks, you’ll be handing potential clients something different but appealing – and edible.

This actually complements your PR strategy because it distinguishes you from your competitors. Instead of giving out business cards and flyers at a convention, you are giving away something out of the box.

Why Is Promoting with Custom Chocolates a Good Idea?

Chocolate bar | Why Promoting With Custom Chocolate Is A Smart Move To Make

Because this item is always well received, you get to introduce or reinforce your brand both on the chocolate itself and the wrapper. This is a smart move because you get to tap both your client’s memory and senses.

By offering custom chocolate, you increase the chances of making a lasting impression and encouraging brand recall. This is because what you are giving out is something different from the ordinary promotional items.

For instance, if you work in the F&B industry, giving out chocolates is an effective marketing strategy. There is a strong association with the item, enabling your target audience to remember your name.

Since recall is the key and you have achieved this, what cost you $2 can represent a value of $14 to your recipient. This is more than what you need for brand awareness and recognition.

How Can Your Business Benefit from Custom Chocolates?

With a simple gesture and gift of appreciation, you can instantly make a good impression on both existing and potential customers. People love to receive items, especially if they are free and edible.

Because your name and logo appear on the product, you establish your brand in a person’s mind immediately. While this may or may not help increase the volume of your sales, the fact that you have captured attention is enough to say you’ve achieved your purpose.

Most branded promotional products are intended to be used for months, even years. However, experienced marketers know how to work out a creative strategy that ensures your product has a greater impact.

In this case, it is custom chocolate. A token of appreciation is more than enough because it solidifies your relationship with clients in a matter of seconds.

Who Should You Go to for Your Custom Chocolate?

Box of chocolates | Why Promoting With Custom Chocolate Is A Smart Move To Make

There are many companies that specialise in corporate chocolate gifts and custom bars. You can choose from curated, pre-designed chocolates or go with customised ones that have your logo, brand, or message engraved on it.

What’s great about custom chocolate is you can also personalise the box, wrapping, and packaging. You can choose from assorted chocolates and candies to suit your target audience.

Look for a company that not only customises chocolates but also has an extensive selection for every occasion. After all, you have people to impress.

Promotional items are crucial for any business because they reach out to customers and keep your brand in mind. Whether you are giving away a pen, customized mug, or custom chocolate, the important thing is you are establishing a relationship with your clients while driving their interest in your business at the same time.

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