Trade shopping for saving by having the Raouche Trading Company deliver to your in-box the best promotional products at the lowest prices for the coolest 100% guaranteed products, that are always delivered on time! We are a promotional product broker and a proud member of the Advertising Specialty Institute & PPAI. Experience the benefits of our over 20 years of helping businesses market their brands & better the lives of their customers and employees. We provide all products to promote your business & gifts to get your customers to remember you. We have a team of  solution providers who help solve problems, not salespeople who just want to shill product. We marry merchandise with your marketing & sales mission; creating purposeful promotions that are authentic and conscientious. We strive to keep our clients updated with the newest branded merchandise with curated product experiences specific to their unique DNA. 

Based in Los Angeles, California, we have excellent relationships with suppliers internationally and have the most dedicated advertising specialists to serve you. We provide you with the lowest prices possible due to our sales of large volumes of merchandise and having our suppliers compete for your assignments.

Popular Corporate Gift Brands

Brands matter, even when giving gifts! At Raouche Trading Company, we’re all about Your Logo + Brands you Love. Here are some of our customers’ favorite corporate gift brands, so you can rest easy knowing your gifts come from the best.

YETI Company Logo  Apple Company Logo  Moleskine Company Logo  Patagonia Company Logo 

 Swell Company Logo    Fitbit Company Logo  Amazon Company Logo  kate spade Company Logo

  Nike Company Logo  Beats by Dre Company Logo        JBL Company Logo


Do you want gifts to get your customers to remember your business?


Our goal is to save our clients the maximum amount of time & money when shopping for the best promotional products.


“If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, just wait until you hire an amateur”


“Working with Carl and his team provides us peace of mind because of their knowledge of the business, follow through & great results. Their hustle on our World Cup and UFC projects has saved us on many occasions because of their great turnaround times! Raouche Trading Company is a trusted  partner.”  

Fox Sports Marketing Department