Lacking of ways to say thank you to your beloved customers and clients? Expressing your gratitude is important in boosting your company’s bottom line, so might as well invest in branded gifts and awesome token of thanks like our range of corporate gifts.

Whether you run a small business or a large corporation, winning people over and getting your business in the forefront of everyone’s mind is really important. That’s why giving out custom and branded gifts imprinted with your company information makes a big difference not only in reinforcing your brand’s identity but also in conveying a gesture of goodwill.

The best thing about these imprinted freebies is that they remind recipients the generosity of your business every time they are used or seen. They can be used for the following weeks, months and even years, thus, offering a life-long exposure and relationship with the customer and client base.

What also makes these branded gifts an ideal thank you giveaway is that there are many ways to use them. They can be either be presented as a special item on direct mail campaigns, a freebie product at trade show events or a holiday present on special occasions.

Let’s take a look at five promotional gifts that can say thank you to your customers, clients, and staffs.

  1. Wall Calendars

Despite today’s digital era, wall calendars still remain a favorite décor at offices, homes, and other establishments. They draw attention to your brand and offers you 365 days of advertising, making them an oldie but goody promo item that’s beneficial for your business all year long.

Calendars are also a time-proven marketing item because they are used as reference points nearly every day when someone checks the dates. Their long lifespan gives your brand is a major exposure, while at same time staying connected with the target market, every day of the year!

  1. Food Items

Besides calendars, promotional food items are also perfect branded gifts. They add a sweet surprise to your special thank you message, especially if they’re wrapped in a beautiful jar or box. Recipients would definitely love to taste these delicious treats, which gives them a reason to love your brand even more.

In fact, the Advertising Specialty Institute found these branded products as one of the most popular holiday promotional gifts beside greeting cards. “Tins of cookies and other types of packaging that a group of people can enjoy have been a staple of gifting for a long time,” according to ASI.

  1. Travel Mugs

Sending out an imprinted travel mug also makes a tastier impression on VIP clients and loyal customers. This branded drinkware product is ideal for use on weekend trips, hikes, camping, and can also sit on everyone’s desk during tea or coffee time.

Travel mugs also provide a certain level of convenience to recipients because of their insulation and ergonomic design. These features minimize the spills while owners are on their way to a vacation and outdoor activity. Each time a person travels with this advertising specialty, your branded gifts remain visible and reaches a wider audience possible.

  1. Paper Products

Can’t seem to find the best corporate gift for your outstanding employees? If you’re struggling in finding one, then it’s always safe to choose paper products like sticky pads, and journals. These promotional gifts offer a personal look and feel, most especially if there’s a handwritten letter scribed on the very first page of the pad.

Giving these items can make your staffs more motivated at work and inspired to continue working with you. They actually make the “write” and perfect choice not only because of the brand exposure they offer but mainly because of their executive and welcoming appeal.

  1. Power banks

When it comes to boosting your brand’s connection with the target market, practical gifts like power banks are a surefire marketing tool. They are specifically suited for millennials or young audiences who spend most of their time on social media and networking sites.

Since people rely too much on mobile phones for calls, messaging, internet browsing and reading eBooks, they often freak out when their phone charge runs low. That’s why customized portable chargers is a top pick item in every business’ promotional products list.

Say Thank You with Branded Gifts!

Showing appreciation and saying thank you through promotional gifts is commonplace for all types of business, be it a startup or a large-scale businesses. However, there are still some who fail to realize the value of these branded items in expressing their gratitude to important people.

Raouche Trading Company understands the worth of promotional products as thank you gifts and offers them in an extensive range. To learn more about our company and complete product selection, browse through