Getting your business involved in exhibitions allows you to do business-to-business trading and obtain a wider customer base. However, signing up at events don’t come easy. You also have to think of unique custom trade show giveaway ideas to make your event a success.

Exhibition goods and promotional items play a big role in driving traffic at your trade show booth. They also execute an excellent job in improving recall after the show, and providing company details to prospects.

In fact, Incomm Center for Trade Show Research and Sales Training found that there’s 52% chance of booth visits if you have freebie items. This shows that promotional products let you have greater prospect pool and a greater number of viable leads and customers.

Choosing the appropriate gifts makes it easy for you to project your name to your customers, both current and prospective. That’s why it’s important to choose items that complement your company, specific event, and target market.

Here are some clever custom trade show giveaway ideas that can help trigger eventgoers’ interests towards your display booth:

  1. Bubble Pen

Do you want to capitalize on promotional pens but want to add a more creative flair on them? Why not go for personalized bubble pens? This type of writing tool goes beyond the traditionally designed metal and plastic pens.

It stands out above the rest because of its liquid and 3D floater dome. This clever design delights every user or passerby who will see it. Its branding power is even doubled when customized with your company logo, message or contact details.

So who says now that pens are plain and boring freebie items? Bubble pens can dish out creativity effortlessly!

  1. Car charger

Taking your brand in the driver seat gives your business a huge advantage over the competition. What more if the charging device features a floater design? That’s like double the marketing power and double the audience engagement!

This makes trade show giveaway ideas like aqua car chargers a brilliant promo item choice. They ideally give recipients a handy charging solution to their excessive use of mobile phones and other digital devices.

Customize these imprinted electronic items with your company’s logo or message for more effective promotions on the road!

  1. Aqua Calculator

Water resistant calculators also make a perfect giveaway for trade show goers. They appeal to niche audiences – students, office workers, and other professionals – because of their functionality and water durability.

Unlike other calculators, this one still works even when accidentally poured with water and other liquid content. Users no longer have to do manual calculations or use their phones for solving simple or complex mathematical problems.

Make sure to match your brand’s color to this trade show gift for more legit brand recognition and exposure!

  1. Magic Cubes

Folding magic cubes are one of the clever trade show giveaway ideas that work well in indoor and outdoor marketing events. Unlike other printed products like pens, mugs, and notepads, these exhibition goods stimulate learning.

They involve users in an interactive storyboard, wherein your company information or product specifications are presented in every fold. This special feature has the power to build up customer’s interest and awaken curiosity.

Steer clear from traditional freebies and gift eventgoers with innovative and creative items such as these!

  1. Wristbands

Logoed rubber or silicone wristbands provide both the event organizers and wearers with a variety of benefits. They advertise your brand for a long period of time without damaging, breaking or fading. Likewise, users can wear this fashion accessory as long as they want.

So when you give them out to trade show visitors you let your business experience a myriad of benefits. The more powerful your imprinted wristbands in terms of color and logo inscription, the more attention it will receive from people and more chances of having them worn.

Give these wearable items more depth and meaning to increase the probability of lifelong use!

Increase Booth Traffic with Promotional Giveaways!

Sending out freebie items and marketing gifts is a solid strategy to make you stand out on the trade show floor. To ensure that you rule in the exhibit hall, explore these trade show giveaway ideas!

Imprinted exhibition goods and items don’t only drive traffic to your booth but also create a positive connection to your brand. However, exhibiting at events needs advance research to customize your display according to the theme and target market.

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