Make your customizable items a substantial expression of your brand in order to support your activities and objectives this Memorial Day. Read on to find out more.

Effective Customizable Products and Giveaways

What is Memorial Day? A U.S. federal holiday that remembers and honors those who have died in military service. It was traditionally observed every May 30th but is now officially observed every last Monday of May.

1. Calendars

Even with the availability of calendar apps and other technological options, traditional customizable desk or wall calendars remain more popular than ever. They provide a daily reminder of special dates, occasions, and observations, like Memorial Day, without having to turn to any mobile device.

Because people like to manage their time, calendars are used and referred to for a full 365 days (that’s 366 days for a leap year)! This means daily involvement in your recipient’s life and a 12-month exposure to your brand.

If you’re looking for a practical promotional item that has a low cost per impression, look no further. Get creative by showcasing your organization’s name, logo, and contact details on each page.

2. Magnets

Customizable refrigerator or advertising fridge magnets have ease of distribution because of their size and lightweight nature. They can easily be mailed with your flyers and other correspondence as well as handed out personally without the need for specialized transportation.

These promotional items are handy because people use them for holding notes, grocery lists, school schedules, and even pictures. They are sometimes even collected and used to decorate the fridge.

Because of their usefulness, they enjoy a longer service lifespan. They also have a low cost per impression, because people take several trips to the fridge on a typical day at home.

3. Picture Frames

Almost every home or office has customizable photo frames that display memories with family and friends. This Memorial Day, a picture frame is a kind gesture to remind your clients and employees of the people they care about.

Choose from various shapes, colors, and sizes that reflect the image of your company. There’s a wide selection of tabletops and magnet frames for reinforcing your message.

Every time your item is looked at, your name is immediately linked with your recipient’s special memories. And, for only pennies per impression, you create brand recognition and increase awareness.

4. Keychains

Promotional keyrings are an effective way to make an impact because they double as business cards. With every use, these practical and portable items generate exposure for your organization while also providing value for money.

These customized gifts are used several times a day for locking up the house, the car, cupboards, drawers, and everything else that needs to be secured. They are also sometimes clipped to purses, backpacks, and briefcases, making your brand visible every single time.

There are a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors available for customization. Choose a surface area where you can conveniently display your name, logo, and contact details.

5. Lanyards

Customizable lanyards work because they are used by everyone for carrying their identification, badges, keys, flash drives, and even mobile phones. They are also used in offices, schools, airports, and grocery stores.

These are favorite advertising tools by businesses around the world because you do not actually need to be in a trade show or conference to hand them out. Because of their size, they can easily be distributed anytime, anywhere.

Plus, they are versatile and relatively inexpensive compared with other marketing and promotional mediums such as posters, TV commercials, billboards, and banner ads. Maximize the printable area to promote not only your name and logo but also your message.

6. Writing Instruments

In an age dominated by technology, pens and pencils remain big sellers in sales and promotion. People still rely on traditional writing instruments because of their usefulness and significance in note-taking.

This marketing tactic is one of the most cost-effective ones because it is ubiquitous enough to generate a huge number of impressions in a day. They are never thrown away and even receive heavy use, making them an effective advertising tool.

With a wide range of styles and choices available, you can maximize your exposure by having your company name, logo, and message imprinted on each. The more these Memorial Day items are used, lent or borrowed, the more likely your branding will be noticed and remembered.

7. Chocolates


While a short-term handout, customized chocolate is universally liked and appreciated. This promotional item is suitable to give out at trade fairs, exhibitions, conferences, and nearly any sales event.

There’s a lot of options in this category, from chocolate bars to coins. Increase your advertising reach and make your marketing even more powerful by complementing your merchandise with personalized gift bags.

8. Headwear

Like personalized apparel, headwear is a high-visibility and high-performance promotional merchandise because it is used multiple times at so many different venues. Because it is gender- and age-neutral, anyone who wears it becomes a walking advertisement.

Aside from being versatile and functional, it is also low cost, sturdy, and easy to order in bulk. Unlike other products that are only used a couple of times before discarded, headwear generally has a long lifespan.

The generous printable area in your customizable headwear is perfect for personalizing with creative logos, visuals, and designs that suit your branding. Complement your caps, visors or beanies with custom clothing or bags.

9. Wristbands

More than just a fashion accessory, personalized wristbands are also marketing tools used to promote a cause and raise awareness. You can also use this wrist wear to advertise your product or service, and get your name out there for people to see and notice.

These items are easy to produce, cost-efficient, noticeable, and long-lasting. Give them away at local charities, exhibitions, and conferences to boost your advertising campaign.

Choose from an assortment of colors that will suit your organization’s branding. Make your merchandise even more powerful by customizing it with an inscription that will surely attract attention.

Big or small, organizations spend a lot of money on customizable merchandise for advertising their business whether it’s Memorial Day or any other day of the year. Make sure your promotional item is an ongoing reminder of your brand and message, so people will reach out to you when the need for your products or services arises.

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