Not convinced that custom water bottles make great promotional giveaways? Here are 9 points to ponder and help you arrive at a decision.

Custom Water Bottles | 9 Reasons Why They’re Great Giveaways

Custom Water Bottles Definition: These are portable water containers imprinted with your company logo and branding. It’s a promotional item you give away to your customers so they can remember you.

1. Useful

BPA-free custom water bottles are an effective promotional giveaway because they are super useful. Unlike most promo items which are more often than not purely decorative, water bottles serve an actual purpose—they allow your customers to bring water with them wherever they go.

BPA Definition: BPA is an acronym that stands for bisphenol A. It’s a hazardous industrial chemical added to plastic products like mass-produced water bottles and food containers to keep them stable at room temperatures.

Remember, the best promotional items are the ones your customers find useful. When they see you giving useful custom water bottles as freebies, they’ll gladly take them!

Tip: When you’re choosing a type of water bottle to customize, pick the one with an easy-grip body or handle. This way, your customers will be able to hold it as they’re walking or clip it onto their bag as they commute.

2. Highly Customizable

Aside from their usefulness, water bottles are also highly customizable. You can order BPA-free custom water bottles in bulk that match your company logo’s color.

Customized water bottles also come in different sizes. You can choose bottle sizes based on how much water they can hold:

  • 16 oz
  • 20 oz
  • 21 oz
  • 24 oz
  • 25 oz
  • 28 oz
  • 32 oz

There are also a variety of water bottle types you can customize. Here’s a list of only a few water bottle types offered by Raouche Trading Company:

  • Sports bottles
  • Collapsible bottles
  • Sipper lid bottles
  • Easy squeeze bottles
  • Water bags
  • Polyclean bottles
  • PET water bottles
  • Aluminum water bottles

3. Appeals to Everyone

Water bottles also have a universal appeal. Any person, young or old, would appreciate being handed a free gift as useful as a reusable water bottle.

Kids can bring their BPA-free custom water bottles to school along with their lunchboxes. Adults can also take them to work and bring their own water instead of buying disposable bottles in convenience stores.

4. Evokes an Eco-Friendly Image

Nowadays, it’s important for your company to project a sense of environmental consciousness to your prospective customers. A great way to do this is to promote your company through custom water bottles.

People often associate reusable water bottles with being eco-friendly. Associating your promotional products with the green movement adds relevance and value to your brand.

Handing out reusable water bottles also encourages your customers to bring their own water. This helps in two ways:

  1. Prevents them from buying water in single-use packaging
  2. Lessens the amount of plastic thrown away

5. Timeless

BPA-free custom water bottles are an example of timeless promotional items. They serve their purpose all year round.

They’re not like pens that would eventually run out of ink. And unlike edible promotional items like cookies and chocolates, customized water bottles won’t expire.

They’re durable and will last so long as your customers take care of the customized water bottles you give them. Plus, they’ll see your logo and remember you every time they take a sip of water from the customized bottle.

6. Logo-Friendly

Water bottles are also logo-friendly. They have a large surface area where you can have your logo printed on.

If you have a bigger budget to spend, you can opt to have your logo printed in two colors. This makes the logo more attractive and helps increase your brand recognition.

Aside from your company logo, there are other items about your business you can have printed on custom water bottles:

  • The company motto, slogan, or catchphrase
  • Website
  • Business address
  • Contact numbers
  • Email address

Tip: Make sure to talk to a sales representative about how much it will cost for you to have customized water bottles with two-color logo printing. You can also ask how much it will cost to print your logo in two different places on the water bottle.

7. Easily Recognized

One of the reasons why BPA-free custom water bottles are effective promotional giveaways is customers easily recognize them. People won’t hesitate to approach you when they see you hading out water bottles as promotional items.

Because they’re a familiar sight at seminars, conferences, marketing, and trade show events, you can buy customized water bottles in bulk and you’ll be sure to give away every single one!

8. Encourages a Healthy Lifestyle

Handing out custom water bottles won’t just increase your brand’s exposure. It will also encourage your customers to live a healthier lifestyle.

One of the first steps of living healthier is to drink more water. Doing this becomes easier when you have a water bottle you can bring wherever you go.

Fact is, the average person doesn’t drink enough water each day to stay hydrated. Having a water bottle serves as a reminder for people to hydrate themselves.

Tip: A good way to encourage your customers to live healthier by using their water bottles is to have a motivational quote printed on the bottle itself. You can position it near your printed logo so it will be seen right away.

9. Promotes Positive Brand Recognition

Distributing BPA-free custom water bottles helps build a positive brand sentiment.

For one, customers will associate the usefulness of these water bottles with your company as a whole. The quality and durable build of these water bottles also help your customers believe that you’re a company with high standards.

Since you’re also giving them out for free, it will show your customers just how generous your company is.

All the positive benefits of handing out customized water bottles as promotional giveaways all contribute to a more positive image on your brand.

BPA-free custom water bottles are one of the most effective promotional giveaways you could hand out to your customers. They’re useful, timeless, and easily recognizable, making them appealing to a wide array of people. With your logo printed on a customized water bottle, you’re sure to increase your company’s brand awareness in no time.

Make sure to talk to a sales representative so you can get the best deals on buying promotional giveaways in bulk.