Use custom-branded amenities to level up your guests’ stay and cinch those good reviews.

Branded Amenities for Hotels | 5 Ideas to Wow Your Guests

Five-Star Feels with Branded Amenities

One of the best strategies to promote your hotel is through branded amenities.

Branded Amenities Definition: This refers to industry-related amenities that bear the brand name of the company. These are usually custom-made promotional products.

These days, more people are planning to go on vacation or travel for business. It means you already have a growing target audience.

On the downside, the hospitality industry is becoming more competitive. It’s not impossible to find yourself struggling to keep up with the stable ones.

To give your business an edge, pair your marketing campaigns with some exceptional hotel amenities. There’s no doubt that these and other promotional items can give your brand a boost.

It helps you stay fresh in the minds of your guests even after they left your establishment. Aside from good reviews, recommendations can also help increase bookings.

Of course, exceptional customer service also plays a big part in your hotel operations.

You also need to offer top-of-the-line indoor and outdoor facilities. These can include:

  • A business center
  • Laundry and dry cleaning
  • Dining options

Other facilities your guests may want in a hotel include an accessible concierge, event space, outdoor pool, and fitness center.

These features can certainly help guarantee your guests will enjoy their stay.

Custom amenities and hospitality products can likewise be a big help. These make your guests feel more comfortable, as they are surrounded by these creature comforts that make them feel at home.

Just put yourself in their shoes and imagine how these things can bring a luxurious and memorable hotel experience. Without them, simple things like going to the bathroom, eating meals, and other activities will just be boring or even inconvenient.

While they’re in your hotel, allow them to escape and be pampered.

Are you excited to launch a 5-star hotel promotion? Sit back and relax. Logo X provides you a hotel amenities list that can skyrocket your business.

Check out these five custom-printed branded amenities that will look great in your hotel or resort.

1. Healthcare Essentials

You can guarantee the comfort, relaxation, safety, and wellness of your guests in many ways. Besides, you won’t want them to cry foul or give your business a bad review because of minor safety issues.

To make sure everyone who checks into your hotel is safe and healthy, provide some healthcare essentials. Here are some examples:

  • A digital thermometer comes in handy when someone suddenly feels sick.
  • A stain remover or an eyeglass repair kit can rescue anyone in unexpected scenarios.

There’s no better way to show your guests you genuinely care about their wellbeing than to have some health-related hospitality promotional products ready.

2. Toiletries

A guest’s rest and relaxation won’t be complete without complimentary toiletries. When it comes to this, you have a variety of options depending on your budget, and the facilities available in your in-room bathrooms.

These can range from shampoos to soaps and even bath gels for a dip in the tub.

Always have these around. After all, who wants to stay in a hotel that has no shampoos or soaps? People will rate your service low if you happen to lack these basic items.

The good news is these bathroom amenities are prominent. Make them count by customizing them in a simple yet attractive way.

  • For example, you can attach a special note or card along with a set of bath gel, toothpaste, and lotion. It’s a nice way to say thank you for staying at your place.
  • You can also emboss your logo or etch your hotel’s monogram on the item’s packaging.

The list of marketing ideas goes on. Inject your creativity into it and explore the world of toiletries in the promotional merchandise industry that can help enhance your guest’s spa-like experience.

3. Hand Sanitizers

Hotel cleanliness and customer satisfaction go hand-in-hand. People tend to pick facilities that value good hygiene practices and a clean environment.

That’s why giving guests a hand sanitizer upon checking in is a brilliant idea.

Sanitizing gels offer a robust approach to integrating wellness into your business. They can conveniently wash off harmful bacteria and prevent travelers or tourists from acquiring an infection.

Plus, recipients can use or bring them almost everywhere.

Aside from offering them during check-in, giving guests hand sanitizers as a giveaway item after their stay is also a great idea. These branded amenities remind them you got their best vacation in mind.

4. Lip Balms

Are you looking for a unique hotel amenity with an affordable value? With these in mind, we highly suggest personalized lip balms.

These promotional items offer a low-cost advertising option while displaying your name or logo.

Such a giveaway also makes an excellent freebie for hotel resorts.

It allows users to have some fun under the sun without having to worry about dry or cracked lips. Additionally, the fun and fruity flavors let recipients get a sweet taste of your marketing message.

You can also choose from different flavors. Some excellent choices that can please a variety of people include almond, vanilla, grape, or kiwi.

Whatever you choose, custom lip balms can add shimmer to your marketing campaign!

5. Informational Guidelines

Apart from tangible promotional items, printed materials and other informational guidelines also have their marketing magic. Whether it’s a single brochure or a trifold one, these promotional collaterals can attract the attention of guests.

They can inform customers of your products, services, hotel tips, and other helpful information. You can display them at the lounge, function hall, rooms, restaurant, and any other area.

You want these to count, though. Take note of quality print and logo printing on these branded amenities so everyone gets a glance of your name wherever they go!

Skyrocket Your Marketing with the Right Hotel Amenities Supplier

Is your hotel a struggling startup? Do you want to keep up with the stable and popular ones?

There’s no need to rush. Remember, even a sumptuous meal takes a lot of preparation and cooking time.

If you’re serious about getting your name out there, though, maximize using branded amenities.

Together, with five-star hotel facilities and customer service, they serve as the key fundamentals to enhancing your guests’ overall experience.

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