New product launch! The iPhone Speaker gets your logo heard, not just seen!

This is certainly a promotional item with a difference! This new and unique promotional product is designed to get your logo heard and not just seen. The iPhone Speaker can portray the sound from your phone much like an Iphone docking station; it ensures the entire room is looking for the source of the music.

This innovative promotional product is just 106mm so it can fit in pocket of your recipient and be taken anywhere and everywhere. With pantone matching also available on this product you can tailor this item to your company color.

The promotional iPhone Speaker also comes with a hole for your charger in case you run out of battery and a valuable print area so your brand logo really stands out.

The iPhone Speaker has the ability to suit a variety of target markets and it will certainly get your brand talked about!

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Help your clients catch customers’ attention where they spend a significant chunk of their day – in the car. According to the American Time Use Survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1.1 hours per day are spent driving. One of the most effective and low-cost promotional tools to attract drivers’ attention is the Wind Flag. Here is everything you need to know to educate your clients on making smart choices when purchasing this highly effective, economical signage.


In his blog post “The Psychology of Logo Color in How Consumers View Your Brand,” Larry Kim, CEO of MobileMonkey, stresses that 80% of people believe color increases brand recognition.  Embrace it when designing a Pop-Up Tent by choosing a vendor with dye-sublimation capabilities. It’s the gold standard for full-color graphics that marries ink with the tent’s fabric so colors remain bright and durable as well as scratch- and peel-resistant.

Raouche Trading Company uses the highest quality 600D polyester fabric on every tent model it sublimates, adding UV protection, fire retardancy and mold resistance to the value you can provide for clients.

Make sure the feather you choose has a pole that extends the entire length of the flag. This ensures the flag will fly straight and won’t tangle when the wind blows. Carefully compare where a pole stops when shopping for wind flags – not all manufacturers provide poles that reach to the flag’s tip.


When your client has a significant amount of information to share, a classic banner flag is the solution. This simple rectangular flag with squared-off edges provides a perfect format for maximum verbiage and bullet points.

Clients that would benefit from such a layout include a political candidate defining a campaign platform for a rally; a university providing directional campus information; or an association highlighting a trade show aisle for attendees. Like the feather flag, the banner flag comes in a range of sizes.

Add an optional cross base to your client’s order. It can be used to move the flag from its ground-stake position to a sidewalk or indoors. Raouche Trading Company’s Wind Flags come with complimentary ground stakes, flag poles and storage bags. Wind Flags are lightweight, easy to assemble and portable, making them a snap to move from location to location.


This design works well for clients with circular logos or artwork with lots of curvilinear features. Though it provides less room for text, it stands out because it’s different than the more common feather flag.

Get imaginative with the shape and go for butterflies at botanical gardens or palms at resorts. A full-color dye-sublimation process allows you to create any imagery your client desires.

Explain to your clients the impact of wind flags, which catch the attention of passers-by coming and going. Dye-sublimating on a durable poly-flag mesh bleeds the design through to the back of the flag, making the print visible from both sides.


Clients want to stand out with a flag that showcases their brand, specifically through shape and color. Wind flags can be custom-designed and cut to reflect a product or mascot. For example, the experts at Ameramark have replicated the Tito’s Handmade Vodka bottle and Shelby Cobra Snake logo.

Work with a made-in-USA manufacturer so you know quality and safety are paramount. Raouche Trading Company has its own equipment, raw materials, craftspeople and quality control experts in house. Every order is moved through production efficiently with an eye toward total customer satisfaction.


A regular wind flag is customized to your client’s artwork, printed in polyester flag mesh with a dye-sublimation process that saturates the fabric with a special ink that bleeds through the mesh, creating a mirror image on the back side.

Suggest a double-sided flag if your client would like to add a second image to the back or enhance the same image, perhaps making it more vibrant. It’s made of two printed flags with independent art on each side and a silver blocking in between that prevents the art from showing through. The three pieces are sewn together, and the flag is finished with a durable polyester pocket that slides into the pole, then attaches to the bottom to secure the flag.


Raouche Trading Company is a California-based company that has been manufacturing USA-made display products for 20 years. High quality, quick turnaround and on-time orders are always priorities. Using only the best fabrics, hardware and finishing items for its banners, tents, flags, etc., Raouche Trading Company stands behind its products.

Visit for more information.

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9 Customizable Items For Memorial Day To Promote Your Business

Make your customizable items a substantial expression of your brand in order to support your activities and objectives this Memorial Day. Read on to find out more.

Effective Customizable Products and Giveaways

What is Memorial Day? A U.S. federal holiday that remembers and honors those who have died in military service. It was traditionally observed every May 30th but is now officially observed every last Monday of May.

1. Calendars

Even with the availability of calendar apps and other technological options, traditional customizable desk or wall calendars remain more popular than ever. They provide a daily reminder of special dates, occasions, and observations, like Memorial Day, without having to turn to any mobile device.

Because people like to manage their time, calendars are used and referred to for a full 365 days (that’s 366 days for a leap year)! This means daily involvement in your recipient’s life and a 12-month exposure to your brand.

If you’re looking for a practical promotional item that has a low cost per impression, look no further. Get creative by showcasing your organization’s name, logo, and contact details on each page.

2. Magnets

Customizable refrigerator or advertising fridge magnets have ease of distribution because of their size and lightweight nature. They can easily be mailed with your flyers and other correspondence as well as handed out personally without the need for specialized transportation.

These promotional items are handy because people use them for holding notes, grocery lists, school schedules, and even pictures. They are sometimes even collected and used to decorate the fridge.

Because of their usefulness, they enjoy a longer service lifespan. They also have a low cost per impression, because people take several trips to the fridge on a typical day at home.

3. Picture Frames

Almost every home or office has customizable photo frames that display memories with family and friends. This Memorial Day, a picture frame is a kind gesture to remind your clients and employees of the people they care about.

Choose from various shapes, colors, and sizes that reflect the image of your company. There’s a wide selection of tabletops and magnet frames for reinforcing your message.

Every time your item is looked at, your name is immediately linked with your recipient’s special memories. And, for only pennies per impression, you create brand recognition and increase awareness.

4. Keychains

Promotional keyrings are an effective way to make an impact because they double as business cards. With every use, these practical and portable items generate exposure for your organization while also providing value for money.

These customized gifts are used several times a day for locking up the house, the car, cupboards, drawers, and everything else that needs to be secured. They are also sometimes clipped to purses, backpacks, and briefcases, making your brand visible every single time.

There are a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors available for customization. Choose a surface area where you can conveniently display your name, logo, and contact details.

5. Lanyards

Customizable lanyards work because they are used by everyone for carrying their identification, badges, keys, flash drives, and even mobile phones. They are also used in offices, schools, airports, and grocery stores.

These are favorite advertising tools by businesses around the world because you do not actually need to be in a trade show or conference to hand them out. Because of their size, they can easily be distributed anytime, anywhere.

Plus, they are versatile and relatively inexpensive compared with other marketing and promotional mediums such as posters, TV commercials, billboards, and banner ads. Maximize the printable area to promote not only your name and logo but also your message.

6. Writing Instruments

In an age dominated by technology, pens and pencils remain big sellers in sales and promotion. People still rely on traditional writing instruments because of their usefulness and significance in note-taking.

This marketing tactic is one of the most cost-effective ones because it is ubiquitous enough to generate a huge number of impressions in a day. They are never thrown away and even receive heavy use, making them an effective advertising tool.

With a wide range of styles and choices available, you can maximize your exposure by having your company name, logo, and message imprinted on each. The more these Memorial Day items are used, lent or borrowed, the more likely your branding will be noticed and remembered.

7. Chocolates


While a short-term handout, customized chocolate is universally liked and appreciated. This promotional item is suitable to give out at trade fairs, exhibitions, conferences, and nearly any sales event.

There’s a lot of options in this category, from chocolate bars to coins. Increase your advertising reach and make your marketing even more powerful by complementing your merchandise with personalized gift bags.

8. Headwear

Like personalized apparel, headwear is a high-visibility and high-performance promotional merchandise because it is used multiple times at so many different venues. Because it is gender- and age-neutral, anyone who wears it becomes a walking advertisement.

Aside from being versatile and functional, it is also low cost, sturdy, and easy to order in bulk. Unlike other products that are only used a couple of times before discarded, headwear generally has a long lifespan.

The generous printable area in your customizable headwear is perfect for personalizing with creative logos, visuals, and designs that suit your branding. Complement your caps, visors or beanies with custom clothing or bags.

9. Wristbands

More than just a fashion accessory, personalized wristbands are also marketing tools used to promote a cause and raise awareness. You can also use this wrist wear to advertise your product or service, and get your name out there for people to see and notice.

These items are easy to produce, cost-efficient, noticeable, and long-lasting. Give them away at local charities, exhibitions, and conferences to boost your advertising campaign.

Choose from an assortment of colors that will suit your organization’s branding. Make your merchandise even more powerful by customizing it with an inscription that will surely attract attention.

Big or small, organizations spend a lot of money on customizable merchandise for advertising their business whether it’s Memorial Day or any other day of the year. Make sure your promotional item is an ongoing reminder of your brand and message, so people will reach out to you when the need for your products or services arises.

Raouche Trading Company has a vast collection of such promotional items, corporate gifts, and giveaways that can get the job done. For more info about our company and the products that we offer, browse through

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9 Reasons Why You Should Give Away BPA Free Custom Water Bottles At Your Next Event

Not convinced that custom water bottles make great promotional giveaways? Here are 9 points to ponder and help you arrive at a decision.

Custom Water Bottles | 9 Reasons Why They’re Great Giveaways

Custom Water Bottles Definition: These are portable water containers imprinted with your company logo and branding. It’s a promotional item you give away to your customers so they can remember you.

1. Useful

BPA-free custom water bottles are an effective promotional giveaway because they are super useful. Unlike most promo items which are more often than not purely decorative, water bottles serve an actual purpose—they allow your customers to bring water with them wherever they go.

BPA Definition: BPA is an acronym that stands for bisphenol A. It’s a hazardous industrial chemical added to plastic products like mass-produced water bottles and food containers to keep them stable at room temperatures.

Remember, the best promotional items are the ones your customers find useful. When they see you giving useful custom water bottles as freebies, they’ll gladly take them!

Tip: When you’re choosing a type of water bottle to customize, pick the one with an easy-grip body or handle. This way, your customers will be able to hold it as they’re walking or clip it onto their bag as they commute.

2. Highly Customizable

Aside from their usefulness, water bottles are also highly customizable. You can order BPA-free custom water bottles in bulk that match your company logo’s color.

Customized water bottles also come in different sizes. You can choose bottle sizes based on how much water they can hold:

  • 16 oz
  • 20 oz
  • 21 oz
  • 24 oz
  • 25 oz
  • 28 oz
  • 32 oz

There are also a variety of water bottle types you can customize. Here’s a list of only a few water bottle types offered by Raouche Trading Company:

  • Sports bottles
  • Collapsible bottles
  • Sipper lid bottles
  • Easy squeeze bottles
  • Water bags
  • Polyclean bottles
  • PET water bottles
  • Aluminum water bottles

3. Appeals to Everyone

Water bottles also have a universal appeal. Any person, young or old, would appreciate being handed a free gift as useful as a reusable water bottle.

Kids can bring their BPA-free custom water bottles to school along with their lunchboxes. Adults can also take them to work and bring their own water instead of buying disposable bottles in convenience stores.

4. Evokes an Eco-Friendly Image

Nowadays, it’s important for your company to project a sense of environmental consciousness to your prospective customers. A great way to do this is to promote your company through custom water bottles.

People often associate reusable water bottles with being eco-friendly. Associating your promotional products with the green movement adds relevance and value to your brand.

Handing out reusable water bottles also encourages your customers to bring their own water. This helps in two ways:

  1. Prevents them from buying water in single-use packaging
  2. Lessens the amount of plastic thrown away

5. Timeless

BPA-free custom water bottles are an example of timeless promotional items. They serve their purpose all year round.

They’re not like pens that would eventually run out of ink. And unlike edible promotional items like cookies and chocolates, customized water bottles won’t expire.

They’re durable and will last so long as your customers take care of the customized water bottles you give them. Plus, they’ll see your logo and remember you every time they take a sip of water from the customized bottle.

6. Logo-Friendly

Water bottles are also logo-friendly. They have a large surface area where you can have your logo printed on.

If you have a bigger budget to spend, you can opt to have your logo printed in two colors. This makes the logo more attractive and helps increase your brand recognition.

Aside from your company logo, there are other items about your business you can have printed on custom water bottles:

  • The company motto, slogan, or catchphrase
  • Website
  • Business address
  • Contact numbers
  • Email address

Tip: Make sure to talk to a sales representative about how much it will cost for you to have customized water bottles with two-color logo printing. You can also ask how much it will cost to print your logo in two different places on the water bottle.

7. Easily Recognized

One of the reasons why BPA-free custom water bottles are effective promotional giveaways is customers easily recognize them. People won’t hesitate to approach you when they see you hading out water bottles as promotional items.

Because they’re a familiar sight at seminars, conferences, marketing, and trade show events, you can buy customized water bottles in bulk and you’ll be sure to give away every single one!

8. Encourages a Healthy Lifestyle

Handing out custom water bottles won’t just increase your brand’s exposure. It will also encourage your customers to live a healthier lifestyle.

One of the first steps of living healthier is to drink more water. Doing this becomes easier when you have a water bottle you can bring wherever you go.

Fact is, the average person doesn’t drink enough water each day to stay hydrated. Having a water bottle serves as a reminder for people to hydrate themselves.

Tip: A good way to encourage your customers to live healthier by using their water bottles is to have a motivational quote printed on the bottle itself. You can position it near your printed logo so it will be seen right away.

9. Promotes Positive Brand Recognition

Distributing BPA-free custom water bottles helps build a positive brand sentiment.

For one, customers will associate the usefulness of these water bottles with your company as a whole. The quality and durable build of these water bottles also help your customers believe that you’re a company with high standards.

Since you’re also giving them out for free, it will show your customers just how generous your company is.

All the positive benefits of handing out customized water bottles as promotional giveaways all contribute to a more positive image on your brand.

BPA-free custom water bottles are one of the most effective promotional giveaways you could hand out to your customers. They’re useful, timeless, and easily recognizable, making them appealing to a wide array of people. With your logo printed on a customized water bottle, you’re sure to increase your company’s brand awareness in no time.

Make sure to talk to a sales representative so you can get the best deals on buying promotional giveaways in bulk.

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5 Unique Custom Trade Show Giveaway Ideas

Getting your business involved in exhibitions allows you to do business-to-business trading and obtain a wider customer base. However, signing up at events don’t come easy. You also have to think of unique custom trade show giveaway ideas to make your event a success.

Exhibition goods and promotional items play a big role in driving traffic at your trade show booth. They also execute an excellent job in improving recall after the show, and providing company details to prospects.

In fact, Incomm Center for Trade Show Research and Sales Training found that there’s 52% chance of booth visits if you have freebie items. This shows that promotional products let you have greater prospect pool and a greater number of viable leads and customers.

Choosing the appropriate gifts makes it easy for you to project your name to your customers, both current and prospective. That’s why it’s important to choose items that complement your company, specific event, and target market.

Here are some clever custom trade show giveaway ideas that can help trigger eventgoers’ interests towards your display booth:

  1. Bubble Pen

Do you want to capitalize on promotional pens but want to add a more creative flair on them? Why not go for personalized bubble pens? This type of writing tool goes beyond the traditionally designed metal and plastic pens.

It stands out above the rest because of its liquid and 3D floater dome. This clever design delights every user or passerby who will see it. Its branding power is even doubled when customized with your company logo, message or contact details.

So who says now that pens are plain and boring freebie items? Bubble pens can dish out creativity effortlessly!

  1. Car charger

Taking your brand in the driver seat gives your business a huge advantage over the competition. What more if the charging device features a floater design? That’s like double the marketing power and double the audience engagement!

This makes trade show giveaway ideas like aqua car chargers a brilliant promo item choice. They ideally give recipients a handy charging solution to their excessive use of mobile phones and other digital devices.

Customize these imprinted electronic items with your company’s logo or message for more effective promotions on the road!

  1. Aqua Calculator

Water resistant calculators also make a perfect giveaway for trade show goers. They appeal to niche audiences – students, office workers, and other professionals – because of their functionality and water durability.

Unlike other calculators, this one still works even when accidentally poured with water and other liquid content. Users no longer have to do manual calculations or use their phones for solving simple or complex mathematical problems.

Make sure to match your brand’s color to this trade show gift for more legit brand recognition and exposure!

  1. Magic Cubes

Folding magic cubes are one of the clever trade show giveaway ideas that work well in indoor and outdoor marketing events. Unlike other printed products like pens, mugs, and notepads, these exhibition goods stimulate learning.

They involve users in an interactive storyboard, wherein your company information or product specifications are presented in every fold. This special feature has the power to build up customer’s interest and awaken curiosity.

Steer clear from traditional freebies and gift eventgoers with innovative and creative items such as these!

  1. Wristbands

Logoed rubber or silicone wristbands provide both the event organizers and wearers with a variety of benefits. They advertise your brand for a long period of time without damaging, breaking or fading. Likewise, users can wear this fashion accessory as long as they want.

So when you give them out to trade show visitors you let your business experience a myriad of benefits. The more powerful your imprinted wristbands in terms of color and logo inscription, the more attention it will receive from people and more chances of having them worn.

Give these wearable items more depth and meaning to increase the probability of lifelong use!

Increase Booth Traffic with Promotional Giveaways!

Sending out freebie items and marketing gifts is a solid strategy to make you stand out on the trade show floor. To ensure that you rule in the exhibit hall, explore these trade show giveaway ideas!

Imprinted exhibition goods and items don’t only drive traffic to your booth but also create a positive connection to your brand. However, exhibiting at events needs advance research to customize your display according to the theme and target market.

At Raouche Trading Company, we have a fine selection of promotional products that work perfectly as exhibition goods. We have printed balloons, flags and buntings, exhibition stands, magic cubes, and wristbands, among others.

Our communication lines are always open so you’ll get instant response from us about your promotional magic cubes needs. Speak now with a Raouche Trading Company associate at 1 310 466 9188!

You may also visit for more information about our company and full product selection.Rate this article!

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Smell the Sweet Taste of Success with Promotional Food

Every company dreams to an A player in the industry and become known globally. But of course, this wouldn’t happen in just a snap. It takes small steps to finally enjoy the sweet taste of success. And when it comes to climbing the ladder of triumph, little advertising specialties like promotional food items can help.

Yes, you’ve read it right. Such sweet promo food and candy can bring in some good vibes to your business. They have a distinct charm of attracting potential customers and clients simply because they are edible and are wrapped in a fascinating packaging design.

If you want to incorporate something unique and appealing into your promotional campaigns and marketing events, a box or a bag of some delectable bites would be a perfect marketing choice. They are even a worthy investment because your brand gets promoted without breaking too much of your budget.

Below are some personalized sweet ideas to help you get started. Good luck with your product hunt and we hope this selection finds you well!

  1. Gums

Have you heard that chewing a gum for over ten minutes can reduce a stress? That’s news is not satirical! This was published in the Journal of Prosthodontic Research by Tasaka et al. The research suggests that a piece of such promotional food items may help relieve stress and even improve mood.

So what’s the connection of this research finding to your marketing efforts? The fact that a gum is considered a stress reliever means it can be beneficial to whoever receives it. You can use this to your advantage and make clients appreciate you.

All you need is put a cute message on the packaging like “A gum a day keeps the stress away.” Isn’t it a brilliant idea to make them value your brand? Plus, you don’t only give them something to get rid of stress, but also allows your business to invest in something affordable whilst placing attention-strong adverts.

Not everyone like sweet candies and chocolate bars that melt in their tongues. Give them something to chew as an alternative!

  1. Mints

Some people always have a pack of mints on their pockets in case an emergency meeting or impromptu consolation comes along. They find these promotional food items reliable, which save them from the icky uncomfortable feeling of speak in front of a VIP or a business partner after a quick lunch or snack.

These mint-flavoured products are usually packed in small tin cans or cubes so everyone can pick a piece or two to quickly freshen their breath. Another great thing about them is that they can either be kept or brought every day and everywhere.

Since they offer a refreshing and soothing taste, these peppermint candies also make for another cost-savvy marketing option for businesses. Just add a custom label design and your chosen promotional mints are good to go!

They are definitely the sweet choice of people who’s always on the go. So, invest now on these promotional food items to enhance your brand recognition.

  1. Chocolates

Everybody loves chocolates. People crave a lot on them, especially women. In fact, the Diabetes Association’s report claimed that women are more prone to chocolate cravings than men.

With this research finding, it’s clear that these promotional food items are a winning solution to any female client’s heart. So if you want to capture their attention, treat them with some sweet bites like how men pursue the love of their lives. It’s proven to be effective because the study above even agrees that women are chocolate lovers!

So what are you waiting for? Invest now on these imprinted chocolates so you can score high to your clients. This business strategy of giving a sweet incentive doesn’t only make them stick around, but also makes them feel truly special.

Make this complementary treat a part of your marketing campaigns and be amazed on how the female client base reacts positively!

  1. Cookies

Among the delightful sweet treats, cookies are the best promotional merchandise option that suits the taste of all types of audiences. This is because everybody would need a light food and snack that can help beat their hunger!

Plus, these promotional food items s aren’t only suited as corporate giveaways. They can also be used to say thank you to your clients and loyal customers. Doing this lets you promote your business, while at the same time allowing them to take a break from the dreadful day in the office or at home.

Whether you want to gift gourmet cookies, executive cookie box or a cookie bag filled three large delicious fresh baked cookie, your brand will be definitely remembered because of the goodies that satisfied their appetite! You can also have the option of choosing handcrafted and baked biscuits to go along with your specific event.

Who knows, these custom food items might help you earn more of your client’s trust and get more possible leads and sales.

The Sweet Success is Here!

Advertising your business with personalised sweet delights is an affordable and easy way to spread your brand and sweeten up your company’s message. So the next time you decide to give corporate gifts to your valued clients, go for candies and sweet delights like mints, gums, cookies or chocolates.

Raouche Trading Company has a vast collection of promotional food items that can help you smell the sweet taste of success. To learn more about our company and product selection, visit

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Promotional Marketing Tip: Design an Effective Customer Experience

Did you know that experience and design make a good match? Designing a product with customer experience in mind is a great promotional marketing strategy. And hey! It’s one of the crucial things that you need to skyrocket your business.

After all, the value of human existence depends on experience. Everything around us from people to things, places, food, events, work, and anything else shapes our existentialism. Without these experiential factors, life is comparable to an empty book.

This means you have to give your target market unforgettable experiences through compelling design to stay on top of their minds. Doing this can even provide you with big opportunities. It can set you apart from the competition, can toughen customer relationships and more.

In fact, the 2017 Creative Pulse survey highlighted the relationship of design, experience and business success. The poll results said that brands who place customer experiences at the core of their marketing strategy can withstand the test of time unlike those who don’t.

Kadir Dindar, Senior Director at SAS, explicated that customer experience drives the investments in technology, people and channels. Meaning, experiences derived from products and services play a huge part in brand survival.

Use this research finding to guide you in mapping out an effective promotional marketing strategy. Meanwhile, here’s a list of some more benefits of combining experience and design in one.

1. Improves Customer Satisfaction

When you put design and experience together, you’re allowing your company to meet or surpass a customer’s expectation. Why? Simply because a product that’s expertly designed can sway people’s interests and influence their perceptions.

Let’s say you’re giving out imprinted sports bottles at a health and wellness trade show event. It makes your freebie item more special if it has an enthralling package design. Recipients will find it extra appealing, which can excite them to unbox or use your free gift.

What more if your trade show giveaway offers a practical purpose. It’s unusual for a sports bottle to have a built-in speaker. So when it’s equipped with a unique feature as such, you’re maximizing the satisfaction in your customer’s journey.

Simply put, choose a promo item that meets your target’s needs, lifestyle and interests for a more potent promotional marketing.

2. Fosters Brand Loyalty

We all know that customer satisfaction isn’t only linked to customer loyalty but brand loyalty as well. There’s a high chance of getting repeat customers if your specific item offers a holistic experience to end users.

A product that’s holistically designed, tailored for everyone or for a certain market improves the whole customer experience. Thus, fostering loyalty in total. The experience itself impresses anyone, which convinces them to trust your brand and continue doing business with you.

Yes, that’s right. That’s why you have to invest in increasing customer and brand loyalty. Capitalise on useful imprinted items or think of other promotional marketing techniques to make this happen and yield positive results.

You wouldn’t want to miss repeat purchases and constancy so strive hard in providing them with unforgettable experiences.

3. Increases Sales and Referrals

It’s no secret that customers are asking for better experiences. Whether it’s the product they purchase or a hotel accommodation they book, experience comes in the picture. And when they achieve what they’re wishing for, you gain two things: high sales and referrals.

As a matter of fact, studies confirm the relationship of the three. According to the 2012 Echo research, 70% of customers agree on spending money with a company that provides good customer service. While the 2011 Customer Experience Impact report found that 86% of buyers would pay more for a better customer experience.

These research findings only prove that designing your product offerings in a way that satisfies your audiences can benefit your business. It can help you attract an upward trend in your sales, revenue and referrals.

Avoiding a negative word of mouth? Then, design a promotional marketing approach that meets all the customer touchpoints.

Promotional Marketing: Experience + Design = Success

Designing a consistent customer experience across all touch points offers your business a myriad of opportunities. It allows you to improve customer satisfaction, foster brand loyalty, generate referrals and achieve higher sales.

At Logo X, we take a keen interest in helping our clients skyrocket their business. Our team has expertise in the promotional marketing industry so you’re assured of attaining success. We also have a fine selection of promo items and corporate gifts that can go along with your marketing initiatives.

For more information about our company and full product selection, browse through Or you may also contact us directly at 1 310 466 9188 and a Raouche Trading Company associate will gladly assist you in all your branding needs.

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