Women’s Equality Day is always a hot-topic event, and is thus the perfect opportunity to connect with your market and market your brand effectively. Try these promotional items out for size.

Promo Items for Women’s Equality Day

1. T-shirt

T-shirts are probably one of the most common giveaways you can give to your prospects and clients during the celebration, primarily because they will always be useful. Promo items that can be worn have great marketing potential as they increase your brand’s exposure when people wear them out and about.

Aside from that, you can customize t-shirts based on special events like National Women’s Equality Day with a touch of your brand’s flavor. This allows your market to not just commemorate the event, but also remember your brand long-term.

2. Wristband

Promotional wristbands are a popular fashion accessory because they are stylish in their own way. Silicone wristbands, for example, can be easily worn by your prospects and clients during the celebration, adding to their fashion statement.

They are also perfect for identification purposes, allowing an opportunity for your brand to be recognized by your market. Wristbands can also be produced in specific colors to match the Women’s Equality Day celebration.

3. Lip Balm

Lip balm is an ideal promotional product you can give to your market during the celebration, because it’s become quite synonymous with femininity and beauty. It’s a product that is not only practical and useful, but makes an impact — qualities all strong women like to associate with themselves.

This insight can make a good impression on your market during Women’s Equality Day.

4. Tote Bag

Promotional tote bags carry wonderful marketing potential because of their usefulness. Your market can utilize them when doing groceries or when they simply want to go green by eliminating plastic bags.

The bag is also perfect for raising brand awareness and recognition, and an ideal marketing tool to deliver the celebration’s message as well as yours. Tote bags can hold other giveaways, too, so if you are giving away more than one promo gift on Women’s Equality Day, your market would appreciate the bag’s usefulness in storing things.

5. Hot and Cold Pack

Hot and cold packs come in handy for healthcare purposes, and many women would like to have one from you because it is very useful at home. Moms, for example, can utilize the packs for their family whenever the situation calls it.

Most of them are made durable as well for long-term use, making them an incredible marketing tool to allow your market to remember your brand long term. Your brand logo and name will have a good place on the packs because your market can easily see them whenever they use them.

6. Mug or Tumbler

Mugs or tumblers are another common promotional products businesses give away to their clients because people use them on a daily basis, whether at home or work. Your market can utilize promotional mugs, for example, for a hot or cold drink and can be easily carried anywhere they like.

Because they can be used often, your brand exposure increases as your market can see your brand on the promo tumblers or mugs regularly. You can customize them commemorating Women’s Equality Day.

7. Piggy Bank

Piggy banks are also a good marketing tool to promote your brand, especially to women who love saving money. They can come in different colors and styles you can customize based on the celebration and your brand.

Your brand logo and name will have a huge space on the piggy bank, which is a good opportunity for your prospects and clients to recognize your brand on a regular basis. They can give the piggy banks to their kids, too, increasing your brand image and awareness.

8. Highlighter

Promotional highlighters are useful for everyone, and your prospects and clients on Women’s Equality Day will be happy to have one from you. Highlighters come in different types as well, such as with ballpen, with multiple colors in one, and in sets.

They can be multifunctional, which your market can enjoy maximizing the benefits. You have the freedom of choosing which type suits your market best during the celebration.

If your target is working women, you can opt for a highlighter with a pen, so they can use the pen to write down job-related notes and use the highlighter for some important messages.

9. Notebook or Adhesive Pad

Promotional notebooks and adhesive pads are very useful at work or in school. You can use them to market your brand to women who are working, studying, or even at home.

They can utilize these office supplies to write down essentials, such as grocery lists and work-related or school-related notes. This marketing tool allows you to reach a larger market of women on Women’s Equality Day, improving your brand recognition.

10. Cookies or Sweets


Your market would not mind receiving edible giveaways on Women’s Equality Day. Tasty treats are always welcome, and prove to be a thoughtful gift when your market is getting hungry from the day’s festivities.

You can customize the package of the promo cookies or sweets with your brand flavor and a little message about the celebration.

11. Plushies

Looking for some cuteness for your giveaways this Women’s Equality Day? Give plushies away to your target market and allow them to remember your brand in a cute and snuggly way.

These soft toys make great décor for anyone’s home, increasing your brand awareness as many people can see the giveaway on your prospects and clients’ home. It’s also a wonderful gift for women with kids because they can give it to their children, making your customers happy.

These fantastic giveaways will make your female clientele feel cherished and remembered on Women’s Equality Day. They are all useful and thoughtful items sure to be seen on a daily basis.

Take your pick from these Women’s Equality Day celebration ideas now to get the attention of your prospects!

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