Why Us?

RT Experiential is a creative, strategic entity with paired understanding of its client’s objectives and the desires of their consumers. The value of RT Experiential is in its intellectual strength – creating unique and innovative ways to present brands, their products and services to the African American (Urban) marketplace.

It is our hope to share the benefits of this technology with your new and existing customers through passionate experiences, both physically & digitally!

We can help you reach concerned youth to passionate baby boomers from the hood to affluent neighborhoods;both physically & digitally. Our consultants are cultural translators. Experts that have a strong finger on the pulse of the community.


Who We Are

RT Experiential …

We believe marketing is a contact sport.We help brands CRUSH the competition by stop selling and start serving. Helping our client partner’s customers “Get It LikeThey Like It.” We help bring brands to life through our strategic approach called “The Alchemy of Cool” by engaging fans for better returns by tapping into their passions. It is our hope to share the benefits of this technology with your new and existing customers through organic brand promotions & passionate experiences, both physically & digitally!

Promotions Experts

RT Experiential is a full-service boutique agency specializing in providing best in class brands Insights,Ideation,Swag and Executions to reach African Americans.

RT Experiential leads our clients to create and embody popular culture in Urban America. Something that puts them into mainstream urban culture quicker and well beyond advertising. We deliver the African American consumer with advertising that works!

Consumers who, through shared life experiences, history and culture, have developed their own set of tastes, appetites and preferences that are emulated by the world. Our trendsetters are the most influential consumers.

Our success is based on the implementation of a unique mix of astute marketing strategies, innovative concepts and flawless execution.

How Do We Think?

What does our research tell us that is “The Alchemy of Cool? The crush Model was found to be the backbone necessary for all campaigns:

  • Coolness
  • Realness
  • Uniqueness
  • Self-Identification with the Brand
  • Happiness

You are more likely to experience increased word-of-mouth and a more positive brand image when using CRUSH.

Our Consultants

They are taught: That your fans love you. So bring the love to your fans often (words, attitude & spirit).

  • Tell your story.
  • Give it away, now. Exploit FREE “Try before you buy”.
  • Fan the flames of social fandom.
  • Go beyond ‘enough’.
  • Create insider content. Inner circle information. Special deals and bonus downloads/streams. Let them backstage via their in boxes.

Playing Our Position

We believe the role agencies should play with brands and partners are three fold; its insights, ideas and executions.

So can you deliver the insights? If you can, then you’re a valued agency.

Can you translate that into an idea?

The ultimate, how do you execute it?

Insights bring intellectual value. You then need to translate insights into amazing creative activation ideas, which is also not easy. The third part is execution. It is important – it’s not intellectual nor creative – it must be done well.

Creating a Real Connection


Researching the target to better understand your customers. This goal is best suited for acquiring customer’s insights for use in marketing and business development


Spreading messages on and off line.


Finding our most enthusiastic customers, and supercharging their power of WOM. This only works for brands that truly have brand enthusiasts to energize.


Setting up for outreach to help customers support each other. This works well for companies with significant amounts of customers who have a natural affinity for each other.


Integrating customers into the way your business works, including using their help to design your brand and campaigns. This is the most challenging of the five goals and is best suites companies that have succeeded in one of the other five our goals already.

Core Capabilities

Experiential Marketing

  • Social Media Campaigns with Influencers rt_social-media_deck_v10
  • Location Solutions
  • Promotional Products
  • In-Store Sampling
  • Loyalty and Redemption Programs
  • Staffing Solutions
  • Consumer Contests and Games
  • Brand Ambassador Street & On lIne Teams
  • Major Events executions

Creative & Production

  • Strategic Concepts
  • Creative Brainstorming
  • Creation of Radio, TV, Print, POS
  • Print Production

Public Relations & Cause Marketing

  • Promotional campaigns in relevant lifestyle destinations (Barbershops, Beauty Salons, Restaurants, Tattoo Parlors etc)
  • Relevant Content Development and Distribution

Media Services

  • Planning, Buying & Added Value Negotiations
  • Synergy creation
  • Content Creation
  • Product Integration

Satisfied Sport, Film & TV Partners


Nike, Under Armour, Red Bull, Lebron James King’s Academy, Kobe Bryant Basketball Camp, Michael Jordan Basketball Camp and Reebok


The Weinstein Company, Lionsgate Films, Rogue Pictures, Focus Features,Warner Brothers, HBO Video, MGM, 20th Century Fox, Universal Pictures, New Line Cinema, Columbia Pictures, Fox Searchlight and Dreamworks


Comedy Central, CBS,VH1, UPN, HBO, Cartoon Network, SOAPnet, USA Networks,The N Network, Nickelodeon, FX Networks, BET/Centric, Game Show Network and Disney

Sports: Game-Day Activations

Throughout the year the biggest sports teams/ athletes/music artists travel from city to city performing for their legions of fans. With millions of fans going out to support their favorite artists, RT Experiential can place your product in their hands. We can design a program that will shadow the entire tour introducing your product or brand to hundreds of thousands of consumers. Utilizing Mobile“Wrapped” Vehicles, Tents and Booths we can assemble teams to greet sports fans and concert- goers before & after the game/concert.

Film: Photo Booths

Make your next event or promotion unforgettable with a Photo Station. Let us bring the action to you and let the fun begin! Consumers can create photo memories all night long with the press of a button. Most importantly the photos will print up on-site and include your images, text or logo, creating an individualized branded keepsake. You can even direct them to an online website to view the pictures (while receiving additional product information)!

TV: Barbershop/Salon Programs

Barbershops and Salons are the heart and soul of the urban community. It is a gathering place where consumers discuss social issues, politics, entertainment and religion. With our excellent reputation and relationship, RT Experiential has agreements with the trend setting barbershops and salons across the nations. Our arrangements enables us to set up window front and/or in-store displays. Additionally, we can create aprons and capes with your logos to brand each stylist and their client while they are at the location.

SWAG: Barbershop/Salon Branded Merchandise

Our Success Metrics

We are results focused and understand that massive action is necessary to deliver results in this competitive environment. Please see below for the criteria we use to judge our service offerings for your film:

Dwell Time: Size up out-of-home (OOH) viewers; are they viewing content on the alternative platforms for long periods of time?

Sight, Sound and Motion: Does the specific network platform provide markets with The ability to seamlessly redeploy their video assets while maintaining the integrity of their brand (without requiring costly re-editing)?

Scale: Does the platform support a national campaign rollout, or at least to a wide region?

Demographics: Does the audience profile match the needs of the brand?

Relevance: Does video/collateral/premiums in a particular OOH environment enhance the experience. for example, by being entertaining, informing viewers of important entertainment or helping the audience pass the time?

Engagement: Do credible third-party metrics show the audience is engaged by the activities?

Target Market Strength

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RT Experiential

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