Top Memorable Guerrilla Marketing Tactics & New Effective Advertising Tools On Sale This Week

About Guerrilla Marketing or Little Known Facts Guerrilla Marketing is a creative marketing strategies used by most of the brands and small businesses around the globe to advertise its product unconventionally. It was introduced or popularized by Jay Conrad Levinson’s in the 1980’s. He wrote several articles and books on

3 Reasons for Choosing Promotional Chocolates as a Corporate Gift

People usually receive chocolates from loved ones during special occasions like birthdays, Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. So it’s a bit surprising for your clients or loyal patrons to receive some chocolates from you. All of these denote that imprinted sweets can be incorporated into your gift giving. That’s why it’s

Promotional Gifts for Your Newly Hired Employees

Nothing beats the power of promotional gifts in welcoming new employees and staffs in your establishment. These custom items leave newbies with a great first impression in mind because of your warm welcome. An organizational shirt, for example, can make anyone feel like they fit in the group. It gives a sense

Branded Amenities For 5-Star Hotel Promotions

Use custom-branded amenities to level up your guests’ stay and cinch those good reviews. Branded Amenities for Hotels | 5 Ideas to Wow Your Guests Five-Star Feels with Branded Amenities One of the best strategies to promote your hotel is through branded amenities. Branded Amenities Definition: This refers to industry-related amenities

5 Branded Gifts That Can Say Thank You with a Twist

Lacking of ways to say thank you to your beloved customers and clients? Expressing your gratitude is important in boosting your company’s bottom line, so might as well invest in branded gifts and awesome token of thanks like our range of corporate gifts. Whether you run a small business or a

An Epic List of Promotional Giveaways for Company Outings

Are you planning a company picnic, beach party or summer outing? Well, that idea can mean well to your employees. So to make your get-together more solid, never forget to bring some awesome promotional giveaways with you. We bet you already know that treating your staffs in a vacation can offer your

Why You Should Use Promo Items in Your Marketing Campaigns

Promo items are considered as one of the most cost-effective and powerful marketing tools that can leverage your brand difference and upscale your business. So if you want to experience the sweet taste of success, might as well use them in your next promotional campaigns and events. Now is the perfect

Phone Accessories for iPhone’s 10th Year

To all iPhone owners out there, how intense is your gadget relationship with your mobile device? Do you dress it up with stylish cases or spend bucks just for printed phone accessories? If yes, then you must really love your Apple smartphone. But wait. Do you also know that it’s iPhone’s

Personalized Cookies For Your Corporate Cookie Party

Impress your employees with melts-in-your-mouth personalized cookies! Custom Cookies | Feed Your Employees, Make Sales It’s Time to Have a Cookie Party The New Year may be over, but it doesn’t mean the party is, especially when you have these delicious, mouth-watering party cookies. Even better, you can invite your employees

Celebrate Women’s Equality Day With These Custom Giveaways

Women’s Equality Day is always a hot-topic event, and is thus the perfect opportunity to connect with your market and market your brand effectively. Try these promotional items out for size. Promo Items for Women’s Equality Day 1. T-shirt T-shirts are probably one of the most common giveaways you can

New product launch! The iPhone Speaker gets your logo heard, not just seen!

This is certainly a promotional item with a difference! This new and unique promotional product is designed to get your logo heard and not just seen. The iPhone Speaker can portray the sound from your phone much like an Iphone docking station; it ensures the entire room is looking for the source


Help your clients catch customers’ attention where they spend a significant chunk of their day – in the car. According to the American Time Use Survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1.1 hours per day are spent driving. One of the most effective and low-cost promotional tools to attract drivers’ attention

9 Customizable Items For Memorial Day To Promote Your Business

Make your customizable items a substantial expression of your brand in order to support your activities and objectives this Memorial Day. Read on to find out more. Effective Customizable Products and Giveaways What is Memorial Day? A U.S. federal holiday that remembers and honors those who have died in military service.

9 Reasons Why You Should Give Away BPA Free Custom Water Bottles At Your Next Event

Not convinced that custom water bottles make great promotional giveaways? Here are 9 points to ponder and help you arrive at a decision. Custom Water Bottles | 9 Reasons Why They’re Great Giveaways Custom Water Bottles Definition: These are portable water containers imprinted with your company logo and branding. It’s a

5 Unique Custom Trade Show Giveaway Ideas

Getting your business involved in exhibitions allows you to do business-to-business trading and obtain a wider customer base. However, signing up at events don’t come easy. You also have to think of unique custom trade show giveaway ideas to make your event a success. Exhibition goods and promotional items play a big

Smell the Sweet Taste of Success with Promotional Food

Every company dreams to an A player in the industry and become known globally. But of course, this wouldn’t happen in just a snap. It takes small steps to finally enjoy the sweet taste of success. And when it comes to climbing the ladder of triumph, little advertising specialties like promotional

Promotional Marketing Tip: Design an Effective Customer Experience

Did you know that experience and design make a good match? Designing a product with customer experience in mind is a great promotional marketing strategy. And hey! It’s one of the crucial things that you need to skyrocket your business. After all, the value of human existence depends on experience.