Did you know that experience and design make a good match? Designing a product with customer experience in mind is a great promotional marketing strategy. And hey! It’s one of the crucial things that you need to skyrocket your business.

After all, the value of human existence depends on experience. Everything around us from people to things, places, food, events, work, and anything else shapes our existentialism. Without these experiential factors, life is comparable to an empty book.

This means you have to give your target market unforgettable experiences through compelling design to stay on top of their minds. Doing this can even provide you with big opportunities. It can set you apart from the competition, can toughen customer relationships and more.

In fact, the 2017 Creative Pulse survey highlighted the relationship of design, experience and business success. The poll results said that brands who place customer experiences at the core of their marketing strategy can withstand the test of time unlike those who don’t.

Kadir Dindar, Senior Director at SAS, explicated that customer experience drives the investments in technology, people and channels. Meaning, experiences derived from products and services play a huge part in brand survival.

Use this research finding to guide you in mapping out an effective promotional marketing strategy. Meanwhile, here’s a list of some more benefits of combining experience and design in one.

1. Improves Customer Satisfaction

When you put design and experience together, you’re allowing your company to meet or surpass a customer’s expectation. Why? Simply because a product that’s expertly designed can sway people’s interests and influence their perceptions.

Let’s say you’re giving out imprinted sports bottles at a health and wellness trade show event. It makes your freebie item more special if it has an enthralling package design. Recipients will find it extra appealing, which can excite them to unbox or use your free gift.

What more if your trade show giveaway offers a practical purpose. It’s unusual for a sports bottle to have a built-in speaker. So when it’s equipped with a unique feature as such, you’re maximizing the satisfaction in your customer’s journey.

Simply put, choose a promo item that meets your target’s needs, lifestyle and interests for a more potent promotional marketing.

2. Fosters Brand Loyalty

We all know that customer satisfaction isn’t only linked to customer loyalty but brand loyalty as well. There’s a high chance of getting repeat customers if your specific item offers a holistic experience to end users.

A product that’s holistically designed, tailored for everyone or for a certain market improves the whole customer experience. Thus, fostering loyalty in total. The experience itself impresses anyone, which convinces them to trust your brand and continue doing business with you.

Yes, that’s right. That’s why you have to invest in increasing customer and brand loyalty. Capitalise on useful imprinted items or think of other promotional marketing techniques to make this happen and yield positive results.

You wouldn’t want to miss repeat purchases and constancy so strive hard in providing them with unforgettable experiences.

3. Increases Sales and Referrals

It’s no secret that customers are asking for better experiences. Whether it’s the product they purchase or a hotel accommodation they book, experience comes in the picture. And when they achieve what they’re wishing for, you gain two things: high sales and referrals.

As a matter of fact, studies confirm the relationship of the three. According to the 2012 Echo research, 70% of customers agree on spending money with a company that provides good customer service. While the 2011 Customer Experience Impact report found that 86% of buyers would pay more for a better customer experience.

These research findings only prove that designing your product offerings in a way that satisfies your audiences can benefit your business. It can help you attract an upward trend in your sales, revenue and referrals.

Avoiding a negative word of mouth? Then, design a promotional marketing approach that meets all the customer touchpoints.

Promotional Marketing: Experience + Design = Success

Designing a consistent customer experience across all touch points offers your business a myriad of opportunities. It allows you to improve customer satisfaction, foster brand loyalty, generate referrals and achieve higher sales.

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