Help your clients catch customers’ attention where they spend a significant chunk of their day – in the car. According to the American Time Use Survey from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 1.1 hours per day are spent driving. One of the most effective and low-cost promotional tools to attract drivers’ attention is the Wind Flag. Here is everything you need to know to educate your clients on making smart choices when purchasing this highly effective, economical signage.


In his blog post “The Psychology of Logo Color in How Consumers View Your Brand,” Larry Kim, CEO of MobileMonkey, stresses that 80% of people believe color increases brand recognition.  Embrace it when designing a Pop-Up Tent by choosing a vendor with dye-sublimation capabilities. It’s the gold standard for full-color graphics that marries ink with the tent’s fabric so colors remain bright and durable as well as scratch- and peel-resistant.

Raouche Trading Company uses the highest quality 600D polyester fabric on every tent model it sublimates, adding UV protection, fire retardancy and mold resistance to the value you can provide for clients.

Make sure the feather you choose has a pole that extends the entire length of the flag. This ensures the flag will fly straight and won’t tangle when the wind blows. Carefully compare where a pole stops when shopping for wind flags – not all manufacturers provide poles that reach to the flag’s tip.


When your client has a significant amount of information to share, a classic banner flag is the solution. This simple rectangular flag with squared-off edges provides a perfect format for maximum verbiage and bullet points.

Clients that would benefit from such a layout include a political candidate defining a campaign platform for a rally; a university providing directional campus information; or an association highlighting a trade show aisle for attendees. Like the feather flag, the banner flag comes in a range of sizes.

Add an optional cross base to your client’s order. It can be used to move the flag from its ground-stake position to a sidewalk or indoors. Raouche Trading Company’s Wind Flags come with complimentary ground stakes, flag poles and storage bags. Wind Flags are lightweight, easy to assemble and portable, making them a snap to move from location to location.


This design works well for clients with circular logos or artwork with lots of curvilinear features. Though it provides less room for text, it stands out because it’s different than the more common feather flag.

Get imaginative with the shape and go for butterflies at botanical gardens or palms at resorts. A full-color dye-sublimation process allows you to create any imagery your client desires.

Explain to your clients the impact of wind flags, which catch the attention of passers-by coming and going. Dye-sublimating on a durable poly-flag mesh bleeds the design through to the back of the flag, making the print visible from both sides.


Clients want to stand out with a flag that showcases their brand, specifically through shape and color. Wind flags can be custom-designed and cut to reflect a product or mascot. For example, the experts at Ameramark have replicated the Tito’s Handmade Vodka bottle and Shelby Cobra Snake logo.

Work with a made-in-USA manufacturer so you know quality and safety are paramount. Raouche Trading Company has its own equipment, raw materials, craftspeople and quality control experts in house. Every order is moved through production efficiently with an eye toward total customer satisfaction.


A regular wind flag is customized to your client’s artwork, printed in polyester flag mesh with a dye-sublimation process that saturates the fabric with a special ink that bleeds through the mesh, creating a mirror image on the back side.

Suggest a double-sided flag if your client would like to add a second image to the back or enhance the same image, perhaps making it more vibrant. It’s made of two printed flags with independent art on each side and a silver blocking in between that prevents the art from showing through. The three pieces are sewn together, and the flag is finished with a durable polyester pocket that slides into the pole, then attaches to the bottom to secure the flag.


Raouche Trading Company is a California-based company that has been manufacturing USA-made display products for 20 years. High quality, quick turnaround and on-time orders are always priorities. Using only the best fabrics, hardware and finishing items for its banners, tents, flags, etc., Raouche Trading Company stands behind its products.

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